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T‑Mobile increases access to 5G home internet across the South

Come and get it, y’all. 5G Home Internet from T-Mobile is getting even bigger for states across the South! Today, T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) announced it’s expanding access to its breakthrough fixed wireless service again, now in more places across Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. Across these states, close to 3 million people still have no access or only one choice when it comes to traditional home broadband. Now, T-Mobile Home Internet is available to nearly 3 million more homes in 54 cities across these four states. Today’s news builds on recent expansions in the Southeast, Texas and Midwest, bringing a new option for affordable, reliable home broadband to millions of Americans.

As a result of the pandemic, remote work and learning have increased dramatically, causing data consumption and broadband usage to jump to an all-time high. In 2020, the pandemic drove a 51% spike in broadband traffic, and in 2021, traffic jumped again, up 11% from 2020. And virtual experiences are likely to continue in the years to come. By 2025, it is estimated that 36.2 million workers, or 22% of Americans, will work remotely – an 87% increase from pre-pandemic levels. This shift has made access to reliable home broadband even more crucial than it was prior to the pandemic.

But access isn’t the only problem. For those who do have access to home broadband, they’ve likely been stuck with landline ISPs, which are notorious for things like terrible customer service, bills that skyrocket after the first year, and monthly fees for anything and everything. In 2020 alone, ISPs charged customers more than $9 billion dollars just in add-on fees. That’s crazy. And T-Mobile is tackling it head on.

T-Mobile Home Internet is different. It’s a new alternative to traditional home broadband, and it’s available to more than 30 million households nationwide. It relies on T-Mobile’s leading 5G network, and it leaves behind the old-school ISP tactics, like annual contracts, monthly fees, and exploding promotions. And now, it’s available to millions more across the South.

What people are saying
“We’re thrilled for our state to have a new competitive option for home broadband with T-Mobile Home Internet,” said Alabama Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth. “For many of our residents, especially those in rural areas, there are still too few options for staying connected, and that’s something that is no longer acceptable in today’s world. T-Mobile’s continued network investment in Alabama is a huge win.”

“Families across our state have been left in the dark throughout the pandemic” said Louisiana Speaker of the House, Clay Schexnayder, “With the expansion of T-Mobile Home Internet to households in these communities, many of those families will have a new option to stay connected – no more sitting inside a coffee shop, visiting a library or trying to make do with only a cellphone – new home internet options mean kids and parents can now learn and work at home, an option some have never had.”

“As T-Mobile rolls out their new home broadband service in cities throughout Mississippi, including the Central District municipalities of Cleveland, Greenville and Vicksburg, they are using their technology to bring additional options and faster internet to thousands more households across the state,” said Mississippi Central District Public Service Commissioner Brent Bailey. “We are thrilled that T-Mobile’s investments and efforts are paying off for our communities, bringing a new broadband option to homes who need fast, reliable and affordable internet access now more than ever.”

“Thousands more households now have access to fast, unlimited high-speed internet, thanks to T-Mobile,” said Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry, President and CEO, Bradley Jackson. “T-Mobile Home Internet has expanded access in Tennessee, bringing our state a real competitive option for wireless home broadband where many households are still left without any option or any good option. T-Mobile’s investment in our communities is helping thousands of customers stay connected at a time when it matters most.”

“We launched T-Mobile Home Internet just a year ago, and already, we’ve disrupted the home broadband industry for good. We’re making fast, reliable, 5G Home Internet available to more than 30 million households across the country. And in Q4 of last year, we were the fastest growing broadband provider in the U.S. That’s incredible,” said Mike Katz, Chief Marketing Officer at T-Mobile. “Today, we’re expanding access to Home Internet again, now to 3 million more homes across the South. 5G is making a real dent in the digital divide, bringing choice and competition to places that have never had it before.”

T-Mobile home internet
T-Mobile Home Internet is wireless home internet for just $50 a month. It’s fast, reliable home internet without all the traditional ISP tactics. Seriously.

  • Home Internet customers get a flat price – it’s $50 a month, with Autopay. That’s it.
  • There’s no added taxes or fees, no equipment costs, no annual contracts and no data caps.
  • Setup is as easy as it gets — T-Mobile will mail the gateway directly to your home. Just plug it in, download the app and you’re connected in fewer than 15 minutes.
  • You get speeds that will let you work, play, stream, chat, game and more.
  • If you do have an issue, our dedicated team of experts are just a call or message away.

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