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Streamlining digitalisation of product lines and client segments

Vi Business Hub (ViBH) is a comprehensive end-to-end cloud-based digital platform that empowers users by streamlining the journeys for external and internal stakeholders with DIY process flows, collaboration engines across internal stakeholders on a fully digital platform right from a sales lead identification till the acquisition, and on-boarding of a customer. It is India’s first lead-to-order platform, created to meet the requirements of an enterprise telco, and aims to simplify and streamline the digitization of all product lines and client segments across all sales channels by integrating business operations on a single BPM (business process management) platform.

Multiple product and service lines in an enterprise telco operation lead to complex customer journeys. Telcos are hence faced with an obvious challenge of getting a unified and end-to-end visibility for the range of services offered. In case of Vi Business, the challenge was in managing a host of up to 40-plus products, varied functional stakeholders, a multitude of systems and processes, configurations, and validations across the board, which were leading to broken journeys and higher turn-around-times.

Combining several complex business processes under one single digital platform was the primary challenge. This is how ViBH was born – an exercise toward integrating all internal systems and process flows. As a mobile-first solution, it has assured that all functionalities are available on both the mobile app and the website, allowing for speedier client updates. The organization could obtain quicker turnaround times (TAT) and a real-time view of customer requests’ progress and execution.

The business faced two significant challenges, first was to transform customer experience with sales and on-boarding journeys & TATs across entire product portfolio and GTM channels, and second was to ensure business had visibility of its performance across products, segments and people, and ability to forecast and drive data-based decision making.

The first phase of ViBH has eliminated all complications in customer journeys till customer order processing, resulting in a streamlined procedure for both internal stakeholders and customers. This has established ViBH as an integral part of our day-to-day business operations – a platform that also enables and promotes remote working in a truly digital world of today.

Platform security is a crucial requirement for enterprises. Security measures taken while developing this platform.
ViBH’s technological advancements and security precautions were always crucial to its success. The decoupled data stream design of the platform promotes component independence, while the standard integration interface facilitates end-to-end customer journeys.

AWS Inspector, AWS Systems Manager, and Trend Micro Cloud One are also utilized by ViBH for OS hardening audits, patch management, and intrusion protection, respectively.

Its self-driving capabilities enable AI/RPA automation of duties and optimization of corporate processes, while scanning on the potential risks.

ViBH’s revolutionary technology combines resources in real time, utilizing a variety of security and privacy solutions to protect our and our customers’ organizations.

Business impact of ViBH so far
The results are very encouraging, with adoption reaching near 100 percent and user generated enhancement requests as they experienced the enablement such a platform offered. ViBH has resulted in accelerating client onboarding, enhancing analytics, business forecasts and predictions, greater CSAT/ESAT ratings, and increased employee productivity.

The scalability of ViBH enables it to go from lead-to-order management to order-to-cash journeys for all our products and processes. In the enterprise telecom business, ViBH stands out as a unique and comprehensive digital platform, compared to other legacy systems available in the market.

Its scalability, robustness, and adaptability to ever-changing technologies make it an attractive alternative for telecom companies and other subscription-based service providers. Frequent security evaluations, audits, and database sanity checks ensure that ViBH remains secure, adaptive, and ahead of the pack.

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