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Starlink and Project Kuiper’s landing rights applications under review

The applications for landing rights by SpaceX’s Starlink and Amazon’s Project Kuiper are currently under evaluation, according to Pawan Goenka, Chairperson of India’s space regulator, the Indian National Space Promotion & Authorisation Centre (IN-SPACe).

Starlink and Project Kuiper, both satellite internet providers, are aiming to expand their services into the Indian market. To do so, they must secure approvals from both telecommunications and space regulators.

Landing rights, a crucial regulatory approval, permit the beaming of satellite signals—specifically internet services—into a country. “Starlink and Amazon Kuiper’s applications seeking IN-SPACe authorization for provisioning of their constellation capacity in India are under process. This authorization is an independent approval and does not depend on them obtaining prior GMPCS licenses and other approvals from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT),” said Goenka

IN-SPACe, or the Indian National Space Promotion & Authorisation Centre, functions as the space regulatory body in India. The GMPCS, referenced by Goenka, stands for ‘global mobile personal communications by satellite services’ license, which the applicants must separately obtain from the telecommunications regulator.

The progress of these applications is critical for both companies as they seek to penetrate one of the largest emerging markets for satellite internet services. The successful acquisition of landing rights will enable Starlink and Project Kuiper to commence operations and offer high-speed internet services across India, significantly impacting the connectivity landscape.

As regulatory processes continue, industry observers are keenly watching the developments, which are expected to set a precedent for future satellite internet ventures in the region. Infomance

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