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South Korea’s telecom giants enhance revenue with AI-powered niche marketing

South Korea’s leading telecom companies are maximizing their revenue by launching niche marketing and advertising services powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Embracing the growing B2B sector, these companies are strategically avoiding head-to-head competition with big tech firms by concentrating on domestically developed AI services.

LG Uplus has introduced an AI feature into its integrated advertising platform U+AD, transforming the tedious and time-consuming process of ad performance analytics into a swift and automated system. Advertisers can now receive performance data within a minute and refine their advertising strategies accordingly. The company has stated its intention to further enhance the platform by integrating its proprietary AI technology.

SK Telecom is making waves with its LLM-based ‘AI Copywriter’, capable of instantaneously generating promotional phrases. Companies can seamlessly request and receive ad copy by simply inputting basic information such as service names and customer demographics into existing marketing platforms.

Meanwhile, the KT Group’s Playd has launched its ‘Ato’ service, which combines human insights with AI to recommend optimal advertising strategies. This service is expected to synergize with Playd’s pre-existing all-in-one marketing solution ‘All it’, bolstering its advertising insights.

The outlook for the AI advertising market is extremely positive. A digital marketing company, MezzoMedia, projects that by 2032, the market is anticipated to grow to an impressive $192.5 billion, continuing at an annual growth rate of 125%.

While these telecom giants have only recently launched their services and substantial revenue is yet on the horizon, the industry believes they hold the potential to become key profit centers, especially as the market expands.

Additionally, AI technologies are being tailored to bolster services for small business owners, with offerings such as SK Telecom’s AI-based purchase recommendation platform ‘T-Deal’, KT’s combined product for small businesses ‘Eurachacha Package’, and LG Uplus’s ‘Our Shop Package AX Solution’. With a clear strategy to empower these businesses while expanding their AI technology’s influence, LG Uplus even aims to achieve sales of 500 billion won in the small business market within three years.

An industry insider highlighted the synergy between telecom companies’ focus on commercializing AI technology and businesses seeking to reduce personnel and costs, predicting a surge in demand for telecom-advertising and small business services in the future. Elblog

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