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South Korea deployed 202,903 5G base stations in February

The number of 5G network base stations throughout South Korea remains low at less than one quarter of that of LTE base stations, despite the fact that the amount of monthly data usage by domestic 5G subscribers is twice as high as that of LTE subscribers, data showed Monday.

According to the data that the Ministry of Science and ICT submitted to Rep. Hwangbo Seung-hee of the People Power Party, the number of 5G base stations established by the nation’s three major mobile carriers totaled 202,903 in February, a number equivalent to 23 percent of the LTE base stations across the country.

The number of domestic 5G subscribers stood at 21.57 million, a level equivalent to half of the number of LTE subscribers (48.02 million).

However, the amount of monthly data usage by 5G subscribers is estimated at about 544,000 terabyte (TB), about two times higher than 274,000 TB for LTE data usage. This is the primary reason why complaints over 5G quality and service continue unabated.

The big three telecom operators’ facility investment totaled 8.20 trillion won last year, down from 8.28 trillion won a year ago. Their facility investment fell for two straight years after reaching 9.6 trillion won in 2019, when 5G services were launched.

An industry official said that facility investments, in general, gradually decline in over time since massive investments are made in the initial stages, noting that LTE investments also declined at a similar pace and that 5G base stations are being rolled out as scheduled. Korea Bizwire

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