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Soon, nod for telcos to set up mobile phone towers on govt bldgs

Telecom companies will soon be allowed to install mobile phone towers on government buildings and land across the city.

The decision was made at a meeting of the district’s telecommunications committee, chaired by Deputy Commissioner Nishant Yadav, on Tuesday, a decision that will not only help reduce the number of complaints against mobile towers in residential areas, but will generate also additional revenue for the government. .

“We have noticed that installing mobile towers on private properties takes a lot of effort. We have therefore decided to authorize telecommunications operators to install mobile phone towers on government buildings. It will also help generate additional revenue for the government,” Yadav said.

“City Magistrate Darshan Yadav has been asked to prepare a list of government buildings and sites and share it with telecommunications companies,” he added.

The committee also ordered telecom companies to submit details of all cell phone towers in the city within a week, after which MCG will verify how many of them are legal. Telecom operators have three months to regularize their unauthorized towers.

According to a rough estimate, Gurgaon has around 2,000 mobile towers and applications for more than 700 more are currently pending with the district administration. The license fee for a mobile phone tower is around Rs 1 lakh per year.

“If telecom companies fail to legalize their cell phone towers within the given timeframe, we will seal the illegal ones,” Yadav said, adding that all departments have been tasked with resolving issues related to pending applications. cell phone towers in a time limited manner.

Raman Mallik, Member of District Telecommunications Committee, said the idea is to improve the service of mobile networks and internet in Gurgaon without any expectation (of license for mobile phone towers), any illegality and any loss of government revenue.

“MCG has 130 public paper toilets, all of which can be used as sites for mobile towers.

Companies can obtain licenses after paying a fee with conditions to redevelop and maintain these facilities,” he added.

There are many misconceptions about radiation from cell phone towers. But the fact is that radiation from mobile towers is lower than that from cellphones, officials said.

The Department of Telecommunications (DOT) has a standard process whereby a person, in the event that they believe that the radiation from a particular tower is above that prescribed, can go to their website and request an inspection after paying fee of Rs 5,000.

The DOT will investigate and submit their report and if the radiation is higher than prescribed, the operator will be taken to task. Sargon24

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