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SoftBank Corp launches 5G SA network in Japan

SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”) today announced that it has started to offer 5G standalone (5G SA) commercial services in conjunction with the sale of its new 5G-compatible SoftBank Air terminal, “Air Terminal 5.” With this sales launch, SoftBank will be the first carrier in Japan to offer 5G SA commercial services.

Unlike 5G non-standalone (5G NSA) services, which employ a system structure that couples legacy 4G core network equipment with 5G base stations, 5G SA uses leading-edge technology that combines new 5G-dedicated core network equipment with 5G base stations.

5G NSA and 5G SA network structure differences

The most important features of 5G SA networks are their ability to deliver network slicing and Private 5G networks, which are customized networks tailored to individual enterprise needs, and other connectivity features based on advanced technologies.

Also, since it uses container-based applications that operate on a cloud-native network infrastructure, SoftBank’s 5G SA network enables rapid capacity expansion and faster delivery of new services.

Starting with the introduction of Air Terminal 5, SoftBank plans to phase in additional services that take advantage of 5G SA’s features. Furthermore, through the SoftBank 5G Consortium—an assembly of businesses entities from a variety of sectors, 5G-affiliated partners and outside experts—SoftBank will work to support advanced healthcare, automated driving and other next-generation societal infrastructure with high-quality connectivity services afforded by the ultra-high-speed, ultra-low-latency and massive device connectivity features of 5G SA. With this initiative, SoftBank will contribute to advanced societal infrastructure and the enrichment of wider industry segments.
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