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SK chief visits US to inspect bio, chip materials businesses

SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won went to New Jersey to visit the headquarters of SK Life Science, the US subsidiary of SK Biopharmaceuticals, July 2 (local time), as part of his efforts to boost employee morale and oversee the progress of chip materials and bio businesses, market watchers said Sunday.

Also on the itinerary for his two-day visit to the United States was the site of Absolics, a semiconductor glass substrate affiliate of SKC, an SK Group affiliate, in Georgia. The manufacturing site was established in 2021.

At the New Jersey site, Chey expressed interest in the progress in the sales of Cenobamate, an anti-seizure medication jointly developed by SK Bio and SK Life Science. It was approved in the U.S for the treatment of partial-onset seizures in adults and is available under the brand name XCOPRI, according to SK.

SK Bio acquired SK Life Science, formerly ProteoVant, last year and has since fortified the development pipeline with the key targeted protein degradation (TPD) therapy technology developer. A TPD is an emerging therapeutic modality with the potential to tackle disease-causing proteins that have historically been highly challenging to target with conventional small molecules. A development pipeline is a structured process of coding, building, testing and deployment to ensure systematic and efficient integration and delivery of code changes.

Chey thanked the SK Bio and Life Science employees, calling for thorough response measures against the recent legislative developments concerning the U.S. Biosecure Act.

The bill seeks to prohibit contracting with certain biotechnology providers, essentially blocking certain Chinese biotech equipment and service providers from the U.S. market based on national security concerns.

On Wednesday, Chey took a tour of the Absolics manufacturing plant, accompanied and debriefed by executives of the firm on the glass substrate production. The key semiconductor material enables high-speed, energy-efficient performance in semiconductor computing. Korea Times

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