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Shyam VNL unveils True Identity Detection Solutions

Shyam VNL, renowned for its commitment to innovation and adaptability, announced the introduction of its True Identity Detection solutions (TrueiDetect) at the Milipol Asia-Pacific Tech-X Summit 2024 in Singapore.

Building on their history of pioneering advancements Shyam VNL’s TrueiDetect solutions represent another significant leap forward in security technology. These solutions enable real-time retrieval of mobile phone data, such as IMEI or IMSI numbers, empowering security agencies to discreetly confirm individuals’ true identities.

Mr. Rajiv Mehrotra, Chairman of Shyam VNL, commented, “Today, mobile handset and SIM card details offer valuable insights into an individual’s background. Our TrueiDetect solution delves deep into digital footprints, revealing ownership records, activation dates, and geographical movements. In an era where multiple identities pose challenges to legal proceedings and national security, confirming true identity becomes paramount.”

TrueiDetect comes soon after the debut of some of their other cutting-edge solutions launched in October 2023: Prison & Building Communication Guard, Foliage Penetrating Human Detection & Locating System, Border & Perimeter Intrusion System, and Search & Rescue Mobile Locator & Emergency Communication System (ResQMobil). Shyam VNL’s ever evolving & ingenious solutions underline their commitment to technological excellence and global leadership in security.

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