Shabi Hussain, Head of Events and Marketing, IDC

Communications Today has slowly become our go to destination to be updated on perspectives on IT and telecom industry because of the holistic picture it presents. As a marketing professional, working in a technology research company, it becomes imperative that I keep myself updated with news and views from different stakeholders and I particularly like CT’s rich content in this regard. A quick browse through the website daily helps me connect the dots between enterprises, tech vendors, govt regulations etc. thus helping me broaden my understanding of the field.

I am particularly a big fan of the Perspectives Section, which further aligns the reader’s understanding of products and the market and what governs. The top notch opeds from some of the biggest business leaders in the industry provides for a great experience for all professionals from the field. It helps in tracking the current scenarios and predict the developments likely to come in near future. I must say that the information on the magazine is very well structured and visitors must find it convenient to find what they were looking for without much fumbling around. It is a great platform and I wish CT team all the luck.

Shabi Hussain
Head of Events and Marketing,

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