SK Upadhyay
Jt. GM (C&IT),
NMDC Limited, Hyderabad

Enterprise Information Technology Management (EITM)

EITM is a strategy in organizations which helps out the organizations for the management of IT in order to maximize business value. It specializes in finding solutions for the optimal use of information within organizations as well as outside of the organizations to different stake holders. As a strategy, EITM ensures driving of business functions in any organizations on IT-based solutions for applications as well as infrastructure. The IT-based solutions/infrastructure must be based on the fundamental IT principles stated below:

  • Single write and multi read
  • Ownership of data is well defined.
  • Capturing of data at point of occurrence through application program interface (API) automatically.
  • Right data at right time to right people.
  • To ensure integrity of data for any business analytics/later use.

Single write and multi read. It is extremely important for IT systems that data needs to be written once and only once with date and time stamp in the system. The basic nature of the data recorded must not change its value and type for later use of business though business value can be added to data.

Ownership of data is well defined. The data captured must have identification as to who has captured the data into the system. This can be verified at a later stage for any analytic/audit purpose.

Capturing of data at the point of Occurrence. As much as possible, data must be captured/entered in the system at the source point. This data must be entered either manually with desired validations or automatically. This will ensure integrity of data.

Right data at right time to right people. It must be ensured that undesirable data and information is not flown inside the organization. The desired data and information is exposed to connected users for taking decisions in the best interest of the organization.

Ensuring integrity of data for business analytics/later use. The data so captured into the system will predict proper behavior after use of analytics in the organization to its real occurrence. Such analytics can be used future planning of the company.

As a strategy for increasing the business relevance of the IT function, EITM considers the need for IT in an organization to start operating as a service-based business function. The IT infrastructure support must be aligned in line with the business needs, i.e., ensuring investments are prioritized according to business strategy and that operational efficiencies can be more quickly realized and costs reduced when IT processes are integrated and automated.

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