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Constructing a Full-Fledged Digital Workplace

If the corporate gurus are to be believed then the trend called digitalization is responsible for the wave of change.

Enterprises, even small businesses, have entered an era where a workplace is not defined by pale colored cemented walls. Current offices have become synonymous with ubiquitous connectivity and accessibility. The line between physical offices and places where employees actually work has become as thin as the distinction between professional and personal lives.

If the corporate gurus are to be believed then the trend called digitalization is responsible for the wave of change. Digital workplaces are defined as cubicles where people, processes, and the company converge to boost agility and productivity. Practically, at digital workplaces employees can enjoy the same customer-oriented experience as they do at their abode. Since digital workplaces transcend geographical boundaries, it may happen that internal communication receives a blow. To avoid any disconnect between workforce functioning at multiple locations, enterprises and small businesses can invest in VoIP systems. The solutions engineered on latest technology bring employees on the same communication platform at reduced costs.

Major Reasons for the Inception of the Digital Workplace

Baby boomers constituting a major part of the workforce. The aging of top decision makers is leading to the end of an era. Now, millennials will have the power and because of convention methods used for communication in earlier times, they will be clueless regarding the agreements or deals done. Digitalization will eliminate such problems and with sufficient storage space on cloud, Gen X workforce will be able to pass on their legacy and projects effortlessly to Gen Y professionals.

Need for speed. With a single employee handling various responsibilities, there is an acute need that they work fast and accurately. Merging multiple applications in the same interface can help entrepreneurs boost speed of employees and help them conclude their tasks effortlessly and efficiently. The exponential increase in the need for unifying multiple communication tools has forced telecom manufacturers to offer the same functionality even in IP-PBX for small offices.

The gradual yet persistent changes in workplace demographics and increasing use of mobile devices and the Internet are fueling the construction of digital workplaces. However, while knitting a completely digitalized environment there are some features that will be the checkpoints for enterprises before making a purchasing decision.

Single identity. With employees using multiple devices to access different information, there is always the need of a system that offers the functionality. Enterprises require devices that maintain single number and login credentials across multiple entities.

Secured BYOD environment. With increasing threat of cyber-attacks, safeguarding company’s confidential data is becoming a bare necessity. To eliminate all probabilities of data theft, authorities want VoIP telephone systems tailored on the latest security protocols such as TLS and SRTP.

Communication. Modern communication modes such as instant messaging, chat, audio conferencing, and other features consume less time of employees and help them get quick insights of any topic. Getting the same facilities from handheld terminals is an added advantage for itinerant employees. To suffice the requirement, businesses are investing in PABXs supporting feature-rich mobility extensions.

Data connectivity. The core of any digital workplace lies in the Internet connectivity. The communication solution installed should offer wi-fi connection in the entire office premises. Furthermore, for small offices the market is full of converged EPABXs that can act as data access points, VoIP-GSM gateway, LAN switch, VPN, and firewall. All the functionalities are required for start-ups to embrace the wave of digitalization.

Installing a device equipped with these  features paves a smooth path for a physical workplace to get digitally transformed. Apparently, there are gazillion options available in the market, which are furnished with the facilities. Matrix is a well-known brand manufacturing communication solutions that are supplied with all the required functionalities. Matrix is a leading manufacturer of futuristic communication solutions such as unified communication servers, PBX systems, gateways, and user terminals.

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