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Territory Leader South Asia
Alcatel – Lucent Enterprise

An Enterprise Without Borders

The forward-looking goals of business leaders today call for integration with new capabilities and technologies – from artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to bots and cloud services.

Flexible working shows no signs of slowing down and according to IDG research, enterprises already spend an average of $8.1 million on UC&C products and services, with hybrid models – combining on-premise infrastructure with cloud-based services.

Leading communications and networking provider ALE has been exploring the technologies that will take enterprises to a new level of connectivity – linking previously siloed workforces, processes, and systems and taking advantage of new technologies to transform the enterprise into an enterprise without borders.

The forward-looking goals of business leaders today call for integration with new capabilities and technologies – from artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to bots and cloud services. None can be easily integrated into older platforms. CIOs are also seeking closer partnerships with others in their business ecosystem to develop ways to support borderless teams where internal employees, external team members, partners, and contractors work together and collaborate seamlessly – regardless of location, device, or domain.

Workforces: Breaking through Enterprise Borders

The integration of cross-business collaboration along with increased mobility are driving business critical needs like the ability to fully search archives of messages and files. Beyond this basic need is the ability to integrate with third-party applications from to SAP, to automate workflows, and advance collaboration. Yet often legacy communications solutions lack flexibility to adapt to new business goals and technologies.

Eliminating Borders with API-Based Communications Platforms

This vision of the future is possible where communications platforms use open APIs to create expanded UC&C capabilities. Open architecture platforms can integrate new business processes and technology into collaboration tools – better connecting users and real-time information, and connecting with end-customers as well.

ALE is working to help more businesses embrace a digital transformation. With a UC&C hybrid tool like Rainbow, ALE and its business partners can offer users access to a secure, scalable, digital, collaborative platform with feature-rich capabilities such as contact management, presence, chat, audio/video calling, and screen and file sharing.

The open APIs of Rainbow allow teams to benefit from proactive notification services which incorporate building security devices, operational equipment, and even fire safety alarms into one connected communications platform.

Lose the Borders, Keep the Control: the Four Levels of Security

As workforces become borderless and mobile, it is important to manage security issues on four levels, ensuring security policies at the OS layer, transport layer, application layer, and user level. There should also be a “second pair of eyes” to ensure total platform security for any CPaaS solution.

Systems: Apps that are Enterprise Grade and Consumer Friendly

A number of vendors are stepping away from proprietary offerings – instead, providing open APIs, for IT teams to develop more apps safely knowing they can be integrated into existing networks. As CIOs prepare for greater digital interdependence, a CPaaS platform can serve as the catalyst to drive digital transformation for businesses.

According to salesforce, 79 percent of enterprise IT teams are now involved in building apps for customers, partners, or employees. Conferencing, instant messaging, and video calling can be added to these apps, aligning employee workflows and delivering a powerful driver for digital transformation within the enterprise. The connected platform becomes a “relationship machine” that helps IT organizations deliver the services and technologies to transform how people work.

Prepare for Change

With open APIs, we are on our way to a connected enterprise, with platforms that connect workforces, processes, and systems, to enable real-time collaboration that can lead to informed decisions and actions across the organization. The vision of the enterprise without borders is becoming real,  but requires the necessary border control to secure your business during digital transformation.

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