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Sandvine introduces AppLogic to help reduce costs

Sandvine, the App QoE Company, announced the introduction of its new AppLogic product, which will provide unprecedented visibility, clarity, and accuracy to internet traffic classification and categorization.

Available April 1, AppLogic will be the industry’s most accurate hyperscale, real-time application classification engine on the market. By combining multiple methods including machine learning with an ever-growing library of 5000+ signatures across 2500+ applications, AppLogic will classify 95% or more of all traffic. With more than 122 applications actively tested every day, and with 52 updated releases annually, AppLogic will ensure the latest internet and application trends are accurately and precisely documented so that user experiences can be optimized across the entire network.

People are increasingly dependent on internet applications for work, education, and entertainment, so the ability to deliver a satisfactory quality of experience is more important than ever. Recent research shows that many users are spending between five and eight hours per day on various applications, the majority of which are video-based, requiring high throughput, and low latency and jitter. This exerts increasing pressure on service provider networks and inextricably links their brand reputation to application quality of experience (App QoE).

The 2023 Sandvine Global Internet Phenomena Report showed that high-volume, high-sensitivity applications significantly impact service provider profitability and subscriber satisfaction. As customer dependency and expectations increase, service providers can struggle to satisfy demand or risk customer dissatisfaction and even customer churn.

To help service providers improve App QoE while optimizing network investments, Sandvine’s AppLogic identifies, classifies, and categorizes applications with vigilance, keeping current with constant evaluation and reclassification per flow, throughout sessions, to ensure all content types are delivered with maximum quality.

AppLogic classifies traffic into a matrix of 14 application categories and 11 content categories that are evaluated both upstream and downstream. Through AppLogic’s advanced machine learning techniques, service providers can know precisely what’s happening over their networks and more surgically engineer capacity, tame congestion, and efficiently manage the heaviest usage at peak times.

Beginning in April, Sandvine will offer three levels of application classification for customer flexibility:

  • App Classification – this product provides simple, accurate application classification across the growing landscape of 6M+ internet apps and is the current App Classification for our solutions deployed today.
  • AppLogic Dynamic – this new product and next generation of App Classification enables service providers to classify applications, as well as application content, for a comprehensive view of application traffic and is updated monthly for ease of deployment.
  • AppLogic Precise – this new product provides the same level of detail as AppLogic Dynamic but is updated weekly to ensure the most up-to-date and accurate view possible.

“AppLogic uses advanced machine learning to identify, classify and categorize applications and ensure the most critical apps, and the most critical content within those apps, are delivered with the best possible quality,” says Sandvine Chief Solutions Officer Samir Marwaha. “AppLogic’s vast library of signatures enables it to do what no other product can do – help service providers deliver high-quality experiences across the entire landscape of internet applications.”

“Complex mashups of multiuse, multifunction apps mean a single app can contain voice, video, browsing, e-commerce, and more,” says Sandvine Chief Technology Officer Alexander Haväng, who adds, “Today’s apps are no longer single apps but rather a series of apps with embedded capabilities. You cannot treat all apps the same or all content within those apps the same if you hope to satisfy your customers.”

Adaora Okeleke, Principal Analyst at Analysys Mason explains, “As applications get more complex, service providers require deeper insights into the behavior of these applications, to spot or predict anomalies that indicate service quality issues and take steps to proactively resolve them. This approach ensures that customer experience is monitored and improved effectively. AppLogic offers service providers a deeper level of application intelligence by providing them with capabilities to identify and classify applications and content and their behavior, with a view to track their quality of experience. Consequently, AppLogic can enable service providers to monitor customer satisfaction in real time.”

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