Samsung Vs Huawei: Which Company Will Launch The World’s First Smartphone with Screen Hole Design?

The race to launch the world’s first smartphone with a display hole continues to intensify, with two of the biggest handset makers reportedly being the frontrunners. Both Samsung and Huawei are likely to launch a phone with “punch hole” cut-out in the display to avoid bezels. While Samsung is reportedly preparing to launch the Galaxy A8s with an Infinity-O display, Huawei is eager to bring the Nova 4 with a punch hole design. The question is: which manufacturer will launch the first bezel-less smartphone with bullet hole camera? Will it be Samsung or Huawei? Only time will tell.

Samsung Galaxy A8s

Samsung Galaxy A8s is claimed to have an Infinity-O display with a punch hole. Earlier it was speculated that the Galaxy S10 might be the first smartphone in the market to feature a punch-hole design for the front-facing camera. Now, it appears that the Galaxy A8s may become the first phone to feature a “punch” hole cut-out. Earlier this week, a concept render of the phone from the German tech blog AllAboutSamsung showed how the Galaxy A8s might look like. Apparently, the cut-out on the Galaxy A8s is 6.7mm big.

Separately, a leaked image of screen protector for the Galaxy A8s is also floating on the internet. A good look at the image reveals the circular camera cut-out in the top left corner of the screen protector. Well, the authenticity of the leaked image is still sparse but we are getting a strong signal that Samsung may have been toying with the idea of having a bezel-less smartphone with a punch hole display for the front-facing camera.

Speculation is rife that Galaxy A8s will be a premium mid-end smartphone, featuring a triple-camera setup (similar to the Galaxy A7), a Snapdragon 710 processor, up to 6GB RAM, and 64GB or 128GB internal storage. It’s being said that the device will reportedly begin selling in January next year in a back-grey gradient colour scheme. At the moment, there’s no information if the device will be limited to China or if Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy A8s in other markets.

Huawei Nova 4

However, Samsung might not be the first company to launch a phone by implementing a punch hole design for the front-facing camera. Instead, one of its biggest competitors Huawei might reach the goal to bring the smartphone with a camera hole placed in the display. According to a post on Huawei’s Weibo account, Huawei has indicated that it will launch a phone with a “screen hole” design as early as December, dubbed Nova 4. The teaser doesn’t reveal much about the device, although it’s expected to come with a camera hole in the upper left corner of the screen. This is the same design approach that Samsung is speculated to be implemented with its upcoming Galaxy A8s.

Why manufacturers are keen to adopt the screen hole design

Smartphone makers are working on a number of ways to increase the display on the device. To provide an edge-to-edge display on a phone and offer a place to add a front-facing camera, the designers have two choices. One solution is to add the notch (or simply a cut-out) in the middle of the screen and trim the size of the front bezels. Another approach is to include a screen hole for the front-facing camera in the display. This approach seems to be a clever design move. This way the designers can expand the real-estate of the display, without needing to carve the section of the screen, also known as the notch. – The Indian Express

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