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Samsung is planning to make phones faster with virtual RAM

Samsung is among the major smartphone brands to be adopted Virtual RAM for smartphones via a feature called RAM Plus. Now, the concept of virtual RAM is quite popular in PCs, but for smartphones it works a little differently.

With other major brands like Oppo, Xiaomi, Realme and OnePlus also considering virtual RAM in smartphones, we can expect to see this feature in more smartphones launched in 2022.

Samsung recently rolled out a new software update for Galaxy A52s 5G which comes with the RAM Plus feature or just facilitating virtual RAM. With this, Galaxy A52s 5G users will get 4GB of virtual RAM.

The device comes with 6GB RAM and 8GB RAM variants. Now, with the extra 4GB of virtual RAM, you might think the device will offer 10GB or 12GB of RAM. But that’s not how virtual RAM works in mobile phones.

-What is virtual RAM-

Virtual RAM is a technology that software uses to create a small fraction of the storage memory to support RAM or memory. For starters, the 6GB RAM memory module is much faster than the 128GB storage module. Your device’s RAM or memory helps get the job done, but it’s volatile. On the other hand, the purpose of archiving is to keep the archived data.

So, if a brand offers 4GB of virtual memory, it doesn’t mean that the actual RAM of the phone, which decides how fast apps run on the phone, has been increased. In fact, with virtual RAM, you can’t expect any significant performance improvements.

On paper, it might look like you’re getting 6GB of RAM + 4GB of virtual RAM, which should make your phone a lot faster than others. But in reality the purpose of virtual RAM is different. Just to clarify, a phone with 8GB of RAM will be more efficient and faster than a device with 6GB of RAM + 4GB of virtual RAM.

-What is the use of virtual RAM in phones-
The main purpose of having virtual RAM is to improve memory management. With apps and games increasing in size, having virtual RAM will help your phone keep more apps open on RAM.

This means that when you switch between them or when you are multitasking, you will be able to continue where you left off for a longer period of time.

Usually, apps tend to restart even when you keep them open in the background for a longer period of time. This is due to the volatile nature of the RAM module.

With virtual RAM, you can expect to go back to typing in Google Docs after playing a game right from the sentence you left it in. Virtual RAM will simply improve multitasking but won’t help apps open faster or games load faster. Remo News

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