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Samsung And Qualcomm Talk Realistic Expectations For 5G In 2019

The 5G hype at CES has grown each year, becoming unavoidable and almost unbearable over the past two shows. This year was no different – we saw companies announce more partnerships and rollout plans, as well as the launch of new 5G mobile hotspots and networking chipsets.

AT&T even pre-emptively started pushing out a so-called 5G Evolution signal logo to some phones on its network, which drew criticism across the industry, especially from rivals like T-Mobile and Verizon. Yes, 5G is going to become reality in 2019 that much the industry can all agree on. But what exactly are we expecting to see in 2019? Realistically, who will be able to experience true 5G this year, what will the performance difference be and, importantly, how much will it cost? Samsung’s Derek Johnston and Qualcomm’s Durga Malladi joined us on stage at CES 2019 to discuss the benefits, challenges and what to expect of 5G in 2019.―Engadget

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