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Russia restricts export of key gas for production of semiconductors

Until the end of the year, Russia has restricted the export of inert gases, including neon, argon, helium and others, following the resolution approved by the Government of the Russian Federation, reports 24 Happenings with reference to Izvestia.

As explained, these gases are actively used for the production of semiconductors, which, in turn, are used to manufacture microcircuit.

According to the publication, Russia supplies up to 30% of the world’s neon consumption. The document indicates that from now on gas exports will only be available by government decision, based on proposals from the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

“Russia has decided to remind hostile countries of their dependence on imports. From now on, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade will determine who will have access to neon, krypton, xenon – key and critical gases for the production of semiconductors, of which more than 30% in the world market falls to our country,” he said. The publication of a source from the government’s financial and economic bloc.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has confirmed that it will take into account the agreements reached when taking decisions on export supplies of these gases.

It should be noted that according to the fifth package of anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the European Union in April, the export of semiconductors, machinery and transport equipment worth 10 billion euros to the Russian Federation is prohibited. In addition, the restrictions include a ban on the participation of Russian companies in public procurement in the EU.

According to the publication, the decision made gives Russia the opportunity to count on a constructive and pragmatic approach of foreign manufacturers to the supply of necessary microelectronics products to Russia.

In April, the White House warned chipmakers to diversify their supply chains in case Russia reacts to tech export restrictions by blocking U.S. access to some key materials for making chips. fleas. These fears were reinforced by a Techcet report, which highlighted the dependence of semiconductor manufacturers on materials of Russian and Ukrainian origin, such as neon and palladium, writes 3Dnews. News.24Happenings

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