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R&M Launches a Quality Seal for the PoE Range

R&M is launching a quality seal for the Power over Ethernet (PoE) product range. PoE is rapidly spreading even further in structured LAN cabling. Supplying power to end devices over data cables is paving the way to more intelligent buildings and to the Internet of Things. Sensors, wi-fi antennas, lighting, video cameras, medical technology, emergency and access control systems, remote maintenance, checkouts, terminals, scoreboards, air-conditioning and heating technology, thin clients, and lots of other digital systems can be integrated.

PowerSafe products and solutions from R&M guarantee a stable and reliable transmission of interference-free data and power of the highest level simultaneously. R&M’s patch cords with insulation displacement contact termination (IDC) enable stable and futureproof connections. Cable bundles heat up and that will slow down data transmission. The contact resistance increases with lower-quality contacts. This can lead to overheating, sparking, and destruction. R&M draws attention to the risks of the widely-used piercing contact technology in the RJ45 plugs of patch cords. With this technology, the connections between the copper wires and the conductors in the plug can slacken. The IDC used by R&M excludes such risks and offers long-term safety. R&M PowerSafe products for PoE installations exclusively feature IDC terminations as well as wires with the appropriate conductor cross-sections for optimal resistance values. The company is the only supplier of RJ45 patch cords with IDC technology.

R&M India, a subsidiary of Reichle & De-Massari AG is proud to use this quality seal for its PoE Range. R&M India also provides advice, specialist information, and planning aids alongside the PowerSafe products to ensure reliable support of new-generation Power over Ethernet (4PPoE).

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