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RJio’s 5G plans to help it avoid expensive gears

Reliance Jio Infocomm’s (RJio) plans to build its own 5G software stack would allow the company to avoid paying expensive premiums to gear-makers and allow it to export to other markets, according to a report by Bernstein.

Jio is planning to build its own 5G software stack and is likely to embrace Open RAN techniques or possibly even Cloud-RAN as architecture. This would allow avoiding paying expensive premiums to existing equipment providers and enable export to other markets (most likely developing markets that have not yet started to upgrade to 5G), it said.

“However there still will be external dependence, as most of the semiconductors used to power the Radio access networks are likely to be foreign,” it added.

The global push back on Huawei as a provider of 5G networking components could be the catalyst that might allow Open RAN architecture to gain a stronger foothold into existing operator networks. Jio may also leverage TIP (Telecoms Infrastructure Project supported by Facebook) which enables progressive virtualisation of the network.

Google is developing an affordable smartphone with RJio, and also developing an optimised Android OS and 5G app ecosystem. The partnership with Qualcomm will help in rolling out advanced 5G infrastructucture and services, it added.

. Indian IT services have capabilities in 5G having worked with global telcos. Telecom vertical is 15-40 per cent of overall revenues.

Reliance Industries Ltd’s Chairman Mukesh Ambani announced in the AGM that its wholly-owned subsidiary RJio has designed and developed a complete 5G solution from scratch. Hindu Business Line

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