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Revenue from 5G DIS to reach $16.04 billion in 2026

The revenue from 5G DIS and small cells in Asia-Pacific will increase from $3.26 billion in 2021 to $16.04 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 37.6% from 2021 to 2026, according to Research and Markets.

From 2023, the market will accelerate as countries move into the recovery phase following the COVID-19 pandemic; mobile operators will be able to allocate more CAPEX to achieve greater growth. The region will drive 5G DIS and small cell revenue, globally, and it holds significant potential for growth through 2026.

The use of 5G DIS and small cells is gaining momentum in Asia-Pacific. However, cost and monetization concerns continue to act as restraints. Positively, new companies will enter the market and remove some of the cost burdens from mobile operators; moreover, new affiliations (OpenRoaming, for example) are making it easier to raise the bar in terms of indoor customer experiences. Owing to these developments, mobile operators are having to reinvent their value propositions to continue to thrive in this industry.

A recent survey found that the importance of DIS in Asia-Pacific has increased by double digits, that is, by 14%, over the past 3 years, with 93% of respondents stating that they will rate their mobile operator according to the indoor network quality they experience.

The benchmark for 5G DIS and small cells is to be able to achieve better user experiences for comparable investments in DAS or tangible improvements in customer experience for all 5G indoor users. Products are designed to be simple, easy to use (often, with plug-and-play capabilities), flexible, scalable, and software upgradeable (to keep pace with technological developments).

The APAC 5G DIS and small cell market rides on the momentum of the overall 5G market in the region. and it is highly dependent on its success.

What is lacking at this juncture is a common direction for this niche space, which the industry can latch on to for the market to grow faster. Standards should be implemented quickly and targeted solutions should be developed, which will expedite growth and monetize 5G.

The target audience for this research service includes telecommunication companies, infrastructure providers, and neutral hosts that want to understand how to strategically plan to incorporate 5G DIS and small cells into their business plans.

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