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Reliance Jio is betting big on 5G but there could be delays

Of late, we have seen massive developments in the wireless communication networks with the most talked being the highly-anticipated 5G technology. Well, 5G, the next-generation mobile connectivity is all set to revolutionize the world around us as it is touted to be 20 times faster than 4G speeds. In addition to the faster internet speeds, the advent of 5G connectivity will be a catalyst for the progress of industries such as healthcare, automobiles, VR, AI, IoT and others.

5G Development In India

Initially, there were speculations that India will get 5G connectivity by 2020 similar to the other countries. And, the telecom operators in the country are gearing up for the same. In an attempt to ramp up the 5G implementation across the country and getting ready for the trial phase and have already submitted applications for the same.

By saying telecom operators, we include even the fastest-growing telecom operator Reliance Jio. Earlier this year, Jio sought permission from the government to conduct trials on its own design and technology.

Reliance Jio Gears Up For 5G

Reliance Jio has been making efforts to step up its 5G game in India. The results of the trials is said to give a clearer idea to Jio on how to use its own architecture, infrastructure, and equipment to deploy 5G networks. As per reports, the telco is expected to outsource the manufacturing of these technologies and designs to third-party players.

For now, Samsung has been backing Jio for the 4G network operations in the country for the 5G trials. And, the company acquired a US tech company Radisys to improve its 5G and IoT capabilities. These show that Jio is betting big on the 5G technology.

What Holds For Future?

Given that the coronavirus lockdown has left all industries affected, the 5G rollout is facing a gridlock in India. This makes us believe that Reliance Jio might face a delay in rolling out the 5G connectivity. We can expect the same to happen the same to be revealed by Reliance Jio in the coming months.


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