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Rapid revolution of telecom equipment companies In 2019-20

The journey of telecom equipment companies is quite remarkable. It has pushed telephony forward through various advances in wireless technology. The use of artificial intelligence (chatbots and virtual assistant) have proven to give better customer service and satisfaction. Technologies like LTE, IoT, cloud computing, and more, have revolutionized the telecom industry completely.

How telecom equipment companies fared in 2019

In 2019, the major focus has been on network speed and user-convenience. The introduction of 4G has emphasized the manufacturing of telecom equipment, which delivers ten times (as compared to 3G) fast and efficient connectivity. The extensive growth in subscriber base (already reached 1.19 billion), results in India being the second-largest telecommunications market. A nation that showcases Digital India to the world has chosen faster communication methods to be their pivotal domain. Globally, IP technology has become the primary underlying technology for communication in every sector, and it is expected to advance itself year over year.

Rapid upgrades show that we need better telecom equipment to support the high-end technology, in which we have already advanced. Furthermore, the advancement in technology has led to consolidation in the telecom infrastructure sector in the recent past. This brings in a scope of improvement and of more diversified communication solutions in the coming years.

Expectations and vision

The Indian telecom-equipment market is estimated to grow from USD 20 billion to USD 30 billion by 2020. If 5G technology is introduced, there will be extensive growth in the subscriber base, and it is quite sure that the telecom equipment industry will have a boom in the near future. However, there are other technologies like RPA, cloud computing, IoT, and more, that are advancing themselves in 2020. It can be inferred that there will be a healthy growth of the industry; however, ongoing consolidation might throw some challenges, but it is never an easy road to soar high!

Apart from this, mobile phones, desk phones, and desktops have made our life more comfortable but also have taken a toll over our peace of mind. Imagine a situation where your child is calling you on your mobile; your colleague is waiting for your response on the desk phone while you are writing an email to a potential customer. To manage all at once, there should be a single interface. Hence, unified communication servers that can offer flexibility and ease of use will continue to have a high demand.

Matrix Comsec brings diverse communication IP-based solutions like PRASAR UCS, ANANT UCS, and IP Communication Endpoints, which are likely to bring a revolution in the telecom equipment industry. These unified communications servers for modern enterprises enable you to connect anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. With collaboration and mobility being the key aspects of business communication, Matrix Comsec’s unified communications solution would definitely make a difference.

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