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Rakuten Symphony launches new solution for 5G network planning

Rakuten Symphony Symworld RAN Commander is developed as a one-stop solution for all aspects of network planning and optimization, consolidating legacy PC-based tools, licenses, and data into one managed cloud native platform operation. The solution can ease issues with license management, single user tool installation, and scattered confidential data. All calculations and simulations are performed in the cloud, minimizing local processing delays, while offering a customizable approach to network expansion, 5G monetization, and improved business outcomes.

The Rakuten Symphony Intelligent Operations Business Division developed the new solution consisting of the RAN Designer, which provides planning for a large-scale greenfield network or the optimized expansion and configuration of existing networks, as well as RAN Optimizer for network configuration and optimization through a geospatial interface that supports streamlined visualization of network health, fault, configuration, and performance.

Rakuten Symphony bases its claim to delivering a fourfold boost in RAN productivity planning through its own deployment experience in the Rakuten Mobile network. Specifically, the company is using the average industry benchmark of 200-300 sites managed per radio engineer. In contrast, Rakuten Mobile engineers in Japan use RAN Commander to manage 900 sites on average. From my view, this gives Rakuten Symphony sales and marketing credence across the 5G ecosystem even when factoring in the backyard aspect of the Rakuten Mobile relationship.

Plus, the new offering targets reducing the legacy silos and operational delays that have plagued the acceleration of 5G network builds. Of key importance, Symworld RAN Commander also aims to streamline the software licensing processes and associated costs that could delay communications service provider (CSP) 5G standalone (SA) investments and advancement of key mobile network technologies such as Open RAN.

I see the new Symworld RAN Commander solution as meeting the distinct demands of 5G network planning in key areas such as easing 5G new radio (NR) implementation, scaling massive MIMO builds, providing flexible numerology, and supporting new sub-6 GHz and mmWave bands. CSPs are prioritizing RAN optimization to support 5G applications such as fixed wireless access (FWA), enhanced mobile broadband (EMB), and massive IoT services. As such, 3D planning is key to making the best design and optimization selections, especially toward streamlining the design of intricate 4G/5G networks.

From my view, the integrity of 5G and 4G networks is predicated on accurate design that is based on reliable data. The Symworld RAN Commander suite can deliver visualization and modeling capabilities key to accurate network performance simulations, machine learning (ML)-based 3D propagation modeling, crowdsourcing, and geodata integration. Additionally, the new Rakuten Symphony offerings diversify the RAN planning and optimization competitive landscape by giving CSPs an alternative to solutions provided by established players such as TEOCO, Amdocs, Ericsson, and Forsk.

CSPs are increasingly using live data such as live call trace and crowdsourcing, which enable design and optimization activities that are focused on the subscribers’ actual experience. Accurate modeling capabilities enable CSPs to offer reliable wireless indoor and outdoor services across their 5G network builds, further augmenting the customer experience.

Key Takeaways: Rakuten Symphony Introduces Symworld RAN Commander
I believe the Rakuten Symphony Symworld RAN Commander is solidly positioned to fulfill CSP radio planning requirements to optimize their 5G network design and expansion by delivering key capabilities such as crowdsourced data, ML, and automation that can efficiently scale planning processes, predict subscriber experiences, and control costs. This includes providing the 5G NR modeling key to accelerating CSP advanced propagation models, intricate antenna arrays, and complete multi-technology 3D coverage and capacity simulations priorities. FuturumreSearch

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