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Quanta Upbeat About Server Shipments On 5G Demand

The commercialization of 5G is injecting momentum into the serve industry. Taiwan-based ODM Quanta Computer expects impressive results for its server lines next year, with shipments to telecom carriers in Europe and the US to start in second-half 2020. The ODM also has ambitious plans for he self-driving car market. It has already developed its own self-driving car and tested it in the US. For TSMC, 5G is definitely its growth driver. Now the foundry’s CEO has disclosed that it has raised the forecast for 5G smatphone penetration in 2020.

Quanta expects 5G deployments to bear fruit in 2020: Quanta Computer has started shipping 5G x86 servers to Japan’s Rakuten, and is in talks with a number of Europe- and US-based telecom carriers for shipments slated to kick off in the second half of 2020, according to company senior vice president Mike Yang.

Quanta tests in-house developed self-driving vehicle in US: Quanta Computer has developed its first autonomous vehicle, and tested in recently in the US, according to company senior vice president Mike Yang.

TSMC raises forecast for 5G phone penetration for 2020: TSMC CEO CC Wei has disclosed the foundry’s more optimism about chip demand for 5G smartphones in 2020, and its forecast of the 5G smartphone penetration rate next year has already been revised upward to 15% from its previous single-digit estimate made six months ago.―Digitimes

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