Pune BSNL To Face 50 Percent Cut In Workforce With VRS Implementation

The workforce at BSNL will suffer a 50 percent cut once the Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) is implemented, where the retirement age will be reduced from 60 to 58.

To this effect, Bharatiya Telecom Employees Union BSNL, in a press conference on Monday, addressed employees on the underlying issue of implementation of VRS, delay in disbursal of salaries, non-revision in allowances and difference in promotion policies for executive and non-executive employees.

“The salaries were delayed for three months this year. The delay was in February, July and now August. The salaries are still pending. The government has asked BSNL to implement the VRS. In Pune alone, BSNL has faced a cut in the number of employees from 4,300 in 2000 to 1,800 to date. With VRS underway, the existing number will be reduced by half,” said Ganesh Mathpati, assistant general secretary, Bharatiya Telecom Employees Union BSNL.

With the implementation of VRS, 80,000 employees will be asked to retire across India. But, according to officials this is the most “humane” way of overall reduction in existing strength of employees instead of lay-offs. Under the VRS, employees are asked to retire voluntarily.

The BSNL opted for VRS to counter the incurred loss of Rs 20,000 crore as well as reduce the existing employee salary amount of Rs 900 crore per month.

“There are high chances that BSNL will undergo the same treatment like MTNL. We are trying to oppose VRS so that the company does not get its shares divided among third parties. However, the implementation is coming in with a strong wave. We have approached the Ministry of Telecommunication, where we have highlighted the our issues,” Mathpati added.―Indian Express

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