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Profound shake-ups in decades within the Big 4 accounting firms

Founder and Managing partner at Patrick Morgan James O Dowd underscored significant transformations underway within the Big 4 accounting firms, citing them as some of the most profound shake-ups in decades. This follows the notable restructuring at Deloitte, which has set a precedent for further reorganisation across the industry.

He said this strategy aims to phase out many junior roles gradually, rather than reducing the overall headcount immediately, since full integration of the technology is still underway.

“A consensus is emerging that AI could automate many tasks currently performed by junior staff at the Big 4, such as data processing, audits, and legal work, leading to smaller overall organisational sizes, increased profitability for Partners, and more efficient solutions for clients.”

Dowd said a period of uncertainty and nervousness is inevitable for graduates entering the job market. “As the landscape of available entry-level positions transforms, there will be a greater need for skills in technology and AI. Graduates will need to adapt quickly to remain competitive.”

He said the broader economic impact of this shift is significant. “Historically, the Big 4 have hired substantial numbers of graduates, offering high-class training that benefits the broader economy. With fewer traditional roles available, it raises concerns about where new graduates will find comparable opportunities and training.”

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