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Powerbridge technologies to help digital transformation of leading enterprises

Powerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd. a provider of multi-industry technology solutions, announced that the Company has signed a series of contracts with several leading enterprises in various industries including China’s rail transit, expedited courier service, and smartphones and devices, totaling an amount of around $5 million. According to the contracts, Powerbridge will provide digital transformation solutions for these enterprises and help improve their global operational and management capabilities.

As companies face continuous and rapid growth of international and domestic market demand amid a changing climate of economic globalization and trade integration, leading enterprises in various industries in China have regarded digital transformation and enhancement as one of the key development factors. They rely on modern communication networks to deploy advanced digital solutions, and these digital transformation and enhancement plans are a driving force for their business operations and development.

Based on these new trends, Powerbridge has developed digital solutions and services including a global regulatory compliance system, a customs digital monitoring system and a smart logistics management system to help companies achieve multi-organizational and multi-business segment collaboration for different regional operations of the world. The integration of these digital services can help reduce operating costs and improve efficiency of enterprise operations.

Stewart Lor, President of Powerbridge said, “Digital transformation and enhancement is the core of improving the level of enterprise performance. We will continue to share with and support our enterprise customers with our digital solutions to help them achieve their strategic goals of global operational and management collaboration and integration.”

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