Pay-as-You-Go Test Center of Excellence

Pay-as-You-Go Test Center of Excellence

Anil Kumar Muniswamy, Chairman, IESA & MD SLN Technologies; David Whitfield, CEO Asia, Microlease; and Shailendra Kalra, Country Head, Microlease India cutting the ribbon to officially open the Microlease Test Centre of Excellence

Pay-as-You-Go Test Center of Excellence

Companies now have an option to reduce product development cycle times with low-cost access to the latest test technology. The pay-as-you-go test facility launched recently at Bengaluru by Microlease will help users address a broad spectrum of design and prototyping test challenges. The facility is based on an innovative model offering short-term rental of appropriate testing set-ups based on a huge inventory of test equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. Users pay to use the facility on a daily or weekly basis. The test facility is primarily aimed at start-ups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in India.

The Microlease Test Center of Excellence is equipped with state-of-the-art, calibrated, hardware, and software test solutions that support a broad range of applications including radio and microwave, semiconductor, wireless, IoT, 5G, digital interfaces, automotive electronics, aerospace, and defense etc.

The guest of honor at the Center’s official opening was Salma K Fahim, Director IT&BT, KBITS. The opening included a panel discussion featuring representatives from leading design, engineering, test, and manufacturing companies including Cadence, Digital Circuits, Keysight, Mistral Solutions, Rohde & Schwarz, SLN Technologies, and Tektronix.

In addition to the facility itself, Microlease can provide a variety of value added services, such as on-going training and support and consultation for the implementation of custom testing solutions. The company also offers an intellectual property secure test environment for users by guaranteeing a no data holding policy.

“India is emerging as the forerunner in the next era of technology innovations. Microlease has been deeply involved with the Indian market for over a decade now and partners closely with various agencies, training institutes, and technology companies to facilitate technology growth in India. We have already invested over USD 20 million in the Indian market, primarily in the telecom-testing sector. With the Test Center of Excellence, we look forward to further strengthening our ties with the Indian market.”

David Whitfield
CEO Asia

“By giving SMEs and start-ups improved, affordable, and short-notice access to world class testing facilities, the Microlease Test Center of Excellence is an ideal initiative to facilitate various government visions such as Make in India and Design in India. Using the Center, engineers will be able to easily scale, customize, and provision test requirements. By finding test assets in seconds rather than days, we can help them reduce product development times and achieve faster time-to-market.”

Shailendra Kalra 
Country Head
Microlease India

“Indian Electronics & Semiconductor Association (IESA) is facilitating design-led manufacturing. Microlease Test Centre of Excellence is an ideal initiative to enable this. It will help innovators to get access to appropriate test and measurement equipment, at an affordable cost, without any capital investment. IESA appreciates this initiative and extends sincere support to make it a success.”

Anil Kumar Muniswamy
Indian Electronics & Semiconductor Association, and Managing Director,
SLN Technologies

“5G the buzzword until one year ago, is now becoming a reality. Another development we see is Internet of Things (IoT), for cellular and non-cellular. We see 5G and IoT as the growth drivers in India. Manufacturing has really picked up but the value addition from India is very minimal. We are getting all the designs from overseas and just doing the final testing and shipping of phones from India. However, the icing on the cake is the recent increase in import duty on PCBs to 10 percent, which is enabling companies to do calibration and final testing of mobile phones in India. Government is also looking for setting up some kind of certification process, which is needed as we have a lot of products coming into India. By 2020, the import bill for electronics hardware is expected to be USD 400 billion. I think it is important that apart from creating IPs and selling them outside India, we also encourage development of hardware and manufacturing possibilities in India, and reduce dependence in imports”.

Jayanth Ramachandran
BD Head, Wireless and Network Operator Test,

“The technologies that are growth drivers are 5G and Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT). And once the speeds increase, the backend support servers are going to drive the high speed, so the complete ecosystems are going to be driven. In this scenario, labs like pay-as-you-go definitely have a role to play. Basically, there are two types of customers mainly, the high-end multinationals; and startups and mid-end customers. Large MNCs can afford expensive equipment whereas startups struggle, as upcoming technologies are very demanding. And this is where Microlease Test Centre of Excellence steps in. Also, typically we were stopping at RF and microwave frequencies, now we are talking about millimeter waves, this is the area which 5G is going to drive, companies will be needing test facilities such as Microlease.”

Ramakrishna Goud
General Manager – Sales,
Keysight Technologies

“One of the things Tektronix has done recently is the launch of a pre-compliance EMI/EMC testing solution. Full EMC compliance testing can be exhaustive, time consuming, and expensive. A failure in EMC compliance at this late stage of product development can result in expensive re-designs and product introduction delays. So as a startup product company comes to Microlease Test Centre of Excellence, where testing facility of T&M instruments is available and all its EMI/EMC needs can be met, its product design cycle will reduce considerably. Once the design cycle reduces, the vendor is able to focus on the customer, make measurements faster, and find faults faster so that product development can happen faster.”

Sujeet Pai
India Head,

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