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Oracle Introduces Next Set Of Autonomous Cloud Platform Services

Oracle has announced the availability of Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud, Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud, and Oracle Autonomous Visual Builder Cloud. With built-in advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, these new PaaS services automate and eliminate key tasks to enable organizations to lower cost, reduce risk, accelerate innovation, and get predictive insights.

Earlier this year, Oracle made available the world’s first Autonomous Database for data warehouse workloads. The company is committed to adding self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing capabilities to all of its PaaS services coupled with specific autonomous capabilities for each functional area. In addition to today’s news, Oracle plans to release more autonomous services later in calendar year 2018 focused on mobile and chatbots, data integration, Blockchain, security and management, and additional database workloads, including OLTP.

“Embedding AI and machine learning in these cloud services will help organizations innovate in revolutionary new ways,” said Amit Zavery, executive vice president of development, Oracle Cloud Platform. “These new cloud services are the latest in a series of steps from Oracle to incorporate industry-first autonomous capabilities that will enable customers to significantly reduce operational costs, increase productivity, and decrease risk.”

As organizations focus on delivering innovation fast, they want a secure set of comprehensive, integrated cloud services to build new applications and run their most demanding enterprise workloads. Only Oracle’s cloud services can automate key operational functions like tuning, patching, backups and upgrades while running to deliver maximum performance, high availability, and in demand security features.

Brake Parts Speeds Ahead with Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud

Brake Parts, a global company that supplies the world’s top brake brands for cars, vans, SUVs, light trucks and heavy duty vehicles, has partnered with Oracle to build an intelligent sales operation. By automating its end-to-end customer change, RFQ, and new product introduction processes, Brake Parts was able to eliminate manual steps and increase customer responsiveness.

“Using Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud with Oracle Sales Cloud, we were able to modernize our applications and automate customer-facing activities across departments – transforming our sales operations,” said Lisa Oliver, Sales Operations, Brake Parts. “Oracle’s autonomous PaaS services enable us to digitize many of our manual processes so we can decrease costs, increase business insights, and better innovate.”

New Oracle Autonomous Cloud Platform Services

Newly available autonomous services include Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud, Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud, and Oracle Autonomous Visual Builder Cloud. These services help organizations easily build and deploy modern applications, as well as integrate and analyze critical organizational data.

Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud

Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud combines machine learning, adaptive intelligence, and service automation to create an analytics platform that breaks down barriers between people, places, data, and systems, fundamentally changing the way people analyze, understand, and act on information.

Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud

Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud accelerates digital transformation by enabling business processes spanning multiple Oracle and non-Oracle SaaS and on-premises applications through a combination of machine learning, embedded best-practice guidance, and pre-built application integration and process automation.

It speeds up integrations in the complex process of mapping attributes of objects across two different applications by using crowd sourced data of all executed integrations, and machine learning to deliver visual recommendations of how to connect those objects.

Autonomous Visual Builder Cloud

Oracle Autonomous Visual Builder Cloud helps to accelerate mobile and web application development and deployment by enabling business users and developers to build these applications with no coding.

Oracle Cloud Platform services all share foundational autonomous capabilities including:

  • Self-Driving to Lower Costs and Increase Productivity: Eliminate human labor to provision, secure, monitor, backup, recover and troubleshoot. Automatically upgrade and patch itself while running. Instantly grow and shrink compute or storage without downtime.
  • Self-Securing to Lower Risk: Protect from external attacks and malicious internal users. Automatically apply security updates while running to protect against cyberattacks, and automatically encrypt all data.
  • Self-Repairing for Higher Availability: Provide automated protection from all planned and unplanned downtime with up to 99.995 percent availability, resulting in less than 2.5 minutes of downtime per month including planned maintenance. – Networks Asia
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