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OPTAGE trialling local 5G powered by HPE 5G core stack

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced that OPTAGE, a leading Japanese telecommunications provider, has selected HPE 5G Core Stack for its testbed Local 5G network – as part of Japan’s private 5G initiative. OPTAGE is testing the viability of Local 5G networks to meet business customer demands for use cases such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and education.

Local 5G is a Japanese Government initiative that enables organizations, such as enterprises, local government and universities, to deploy private 5G networks in a limited area using spectrum which is different from that used by mobile operators. Local 5G testing is taking place across Japan as organizations seek guaranteed bandwidth, low latency, and support for thousands of devices. With dedicated bandwidth and infrastructure, Local 5G networks are expected to be particularly well suited for the specific connectivity needs within manufacturing and industrial use cases. Testing will help determine whether Local 5G can meet the needs of business.

OPTAGE is testing a highly reliable and secure private 5G network to explore the possibility of offering Local 5G services for business customers. OPTAGE chose HPE 5G Core Stack for their private 5G testing because the pre-integrated, automated software stack can be quickly and easily deployed within hours. HPE 5G Core Stack is an open, cloud-native, container-based 5G core network software stack that helps customers accelerate the journey to new 5G revenue streams. It is designed to drive automation, provide agility, and accelerate 5G service deployment.

“HPE 5G Core Stack has been developed to increase speed, agility, and scalability in 5G deployments and enables operators like OPTAGE to quickly validate network operations and see the business benefits,” said Hiroshi Miki, general manager, Communications Technology Group, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Japan. “We’re honoured to support OPTAGE with their Local 5G testing and to help them accelerate the launch of their service.”

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