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Ooredoo Kuwait ready to upgrade to 400Mbps fibre

In line with its advanced future vision and unwavering commitment to accelerating the digital transformation in the country, fostering digital innovation, and establishing a smart ecosystem, Ooredoo Kuwait, a prominent telecommunications company, has proudly announced its readiness to launch 400Mbps speeds for the first time in Kuwait through its subsidiary, FASTtelco, following the necessary approvals from the Ministry of Communications and the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA).

Currently, Ooredoo Kuwait is the first company prepared for this milestone, poised to introduce innovative digital services in the country and provide fibre internet speeds of up to 400 megabits per second (Mbps) in residential areas covered by the fibre service.

Revolutionising the Telecommunications Industry
This event marks a new era in the telecommunications sector, aiming to meet the growing demand of customers for high speeds.

Upon securing the necessary approvals from both the Ministry of Communications and the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA), Ooredoo Kuwait will promptly offer this high-speed capability to its valued customers.

It is worth mentioning that this step comes in parallel with the Ministry of Communications’ initiative to replace the old ONT devices in Al Bida’a, Rumaythiya, Salwa, and Salmiya with new devices that support these high speeds. This falls within their efforts to develop the infrastructure and establish a fibre optic network that aligns with the requirements of the current and future era, while also contributing to raising the speed standards in Kuwait to meet global benchmarks.

This advanced internet technology is specifically designed for customers who seek an unprecedented internet service in terms of speed and performance through fibre optics. The technology is not affected by electricity or surrounding electromagnetic fields, making it suitable for areas near high-voltage power lines. It can transmit more than 10,000 megabytes per second without signal interruption over long distances.

Free Trial for Customers at 200Mbps Speed
It is worth mentioning that Ooredoo Kuwait, in its continuous pursuit of providing the best solutions and services, offers the Try & Buy service with a speed of 200 Mbps for free to residents in areas where fibre service is available. This offer is valid for a limited period, up to one month, allowing users to experience the service firsthand. This initiative reinforces the company’s position as the leading provider of internet services, ensuring its deserving reputation.

Fibre+ Service
The company previously launched Fibre+, a new generation of Fibre To The Room (FTTR) solutions, in collaboration with Huawei, to enhance and improve internet coverage through fibre optics “inside homes.” It is worth noting that Fibre+ solutions are not limited to fibre internet subscriptions only but are also compatible with 5G fixed subscriptions for homes. This technology is the first of its kind in Kuwait, ensuring wide coverage and consistent speed through transparent hidden installations.

After successfully passing all operational and technical tests and undergoing realistic trials in several villas, this service was implimented to guarantee the highest levels of efficiency and quality for this new technology. Moreover, the company also unveiled earlier Voice Over WiFi, an ideal internet and phone service that ensures uninterrupted speed even in the basement of homes, providing wide and stable coverage in every corner of the house and supporting over 300 devices simultaneously without compromising maximum speeds. The service stands out for its high speeds, exceptional synchronisation, and low latency, offering customers a more efficient and effective experience.

Continued Efforts to Enhance the Digital Customer Experience
Mohannad Borahmah, Director Fixed marketing at Ooredoo Kuwait, stated “The company’s first priority is to enhance the digital customer experience. In today’s fast-paced world, where customers seek new, rapid, and efficient services, it necessitates dedicated efforts, strategic partnerships, and flexible approaches that prioritise customer satisfaction.” He added, “the internet has become an essential part of any household, and high-speed, seamless connections are crucial and necessary to keep up with our daily needs and transactions. The latest fibre optic lines are the upcoming alternative to traditional lines, suitable for automatic, uninterrupted, and high-definition video streaming.”

Mohannad Borahmah, further emphasised “the company stands out with the services provided through fibre optics, which use a different type of cables to transmit information through optical signals. These are the future lines for the internet, characterised by high quality and unaffected by any environmental factors. Due to their exceptional speed, they have become widespread and widely used in this era.” He further emphasised, “this technology is the optimal choice for the ‘Gamers’ as it ensures an extremely smooth experience with very low latency. Additionally, the company also provides high-speed ProPing subscriptions that guarantee the lowest ping rate in Kuwait, allowing esports professionals to have an unparalleled experience.” Zawya

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