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OnwardMobility cancels plan of BlackBerry 5G smartphone; announces its closure

At the start of the year, holders of the BlackBerry license, OnwardMobility, reiterated its promise to bring a 5G BlackBerry device to the market later in the year. Barely six weeks in, the company has now given up the ghost.

In a statement published on its official website hours ago, the company announced:

To all of our valued followers, supporters and partners:

“We want to thank you all for the tremendous amount of support that you have given us since we first launched OnwardMobility. However, it is with great sadness that we announce that OnwardMobility will be shutting down, and we will no longer be proceeding with the development of an ultra-secure smartphone with a physical keyboard.”

OnwardMobility’s 5G Blackberry had been cancelled earlier this month.

“We are incredibly grateful to the team of seasoned professionals who worked tirelessly on this project and to each and every one of our loyal fans and partners who have supported us throughout this journey,” said the company.

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