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OnePlus issues order to Indian offline retailers to stop online sales

OnePlus is a popular brand in India, and it is not surprising since the country is one of its major markets. However, the availability of its phones is an issue that has plagued the brand, which to an extent is caused by OnePlus itself. Now, the manufacturer may make it more difficult for buyers to purchase its phones with an order it has issued to retail partners.

According to the All India Mobile Retailer’s Association (AIMRA), OnePlus sent a mail to partner (offline) retailers to stop online sales. Apparently, these stores began selling their products online since the pandemic has prevented buyers from coming into stores, a move OnePlus supported. However, the Chinese manufacturer sent a mail to the retailers last week asking them to stop selling online.

The president of the AIMRA, Arvinder Khurana, said that customers will continue to make purchases online seeing as the pandemic isn’t over yet and several thousand new cases are announced each day. He added that they have requested OnePlus to roll back its decision to stop offline stores from online sales.

The Organised Retailers Association which is made up of 15 cellphone retail chains in South India also wrote a letter to OnePlus asking them to reconsider. They also condemned OnePlus’s tradition of making its phones exclusive to certain online partners first before making it available to other retail outlets later. The association said the “10 to 15 days gap in availability attracts very little traction, hence a big opportunity loss”.

A spokesman for OnePlus told that they value their relationship with offline partners and acknowledge their role in the success of OnePlus in the country. However, he didn’t say if the order will be rolled back or not.


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