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Aksh Optifibre

Optical Fiber

Produced on state-of-the-art machines from United Kingdom and glass perform which is raw material, is sourced from best in class sources. A very high-quality fiber adhering to international standards is made cost effectively

Optical Fiber Cables

Offers a complete range of end-to-end terrestrial fiber optical cables for a variety of applications in telecommunication networks. Supported by its own integrated optical fiber facility & a dedicated R&D center, range of fiber optical cables deliver superior performance in data transmission and performance reliability

Fiber/Aramid Reinforced Plastic (FRP/ARP) rods

Producing reinforcement solutions for Optical Fiber Cables

Turnkey solutions

Contractors or as a turnkey supplier, provides assistance in designing and building local area networks, private & public networks. In fiber cable installations, company provides services in designing power budgets, fusion splicing of optical fibers, fiber optic terminations, post installation testing, cable installation, and cable installation supervision

Birla Cables

Central-Tube Unarmoured Cable (2-48 F)

For aerial application along with messenger wire

Hybrid (Optical & Fiber)

Suitable for underground armoured cable upto 24F, axle Cunting & signaling


SMF-28e+ LL Optical Fiber

ITU-T G.652.D compliant fiber, offers industry leading values for attenuation and PMD

SMF-28 Ultra Optical Fiber

ITU-T G.652.D and ITU-TG.657.A1 compliant, provides improved macrobend performance, and maintains full backward compatibility with standard single mode fibers

SMF-28 ULL Optical Fiber

Lowest loss among terrestrial grade fibers with max attenuation of 0.17 dB/km at 1550 nm; Fully compatible with legacy ITU G.652 single-mode fibers

LEAF Optical Fiber

World’s most widely deployed non-zero dispersion shifted fiber, provides a combination of large effective area, low dispersion, and low loss

ClearCurve LBL Optical Fiber

Exceeds ITU-T G.657.A2/B2 and fully compliant with ITU-T G.652.D

ClearCurve ZBL Optical Fiber

Exceeds ITU-T G.657.B3 and fully compliant with ITU-T G.652.D; Provides zero bend loss in most indoor applications

ClearCurve Multimode Fiber

Full portfolio of bend-insensitive laser-optimized multimode fiber for use in enterprise networks.

Vascade Optical Fiber

Submarine optical fibers, provides superior mechanical reliability, unique optical profile to allow customized system solutions

ClearCurve VSDN Optical Fiber

Designed for 850  nm VCSEL-based short distance network applications; Maintains high bandwidth at large alignment tolerances


Indoor & Outdoor Cable

Armouring is a technique to protect the optic fiber cables. D-Link Armoured Optic Fiber Cables are protected by Glass-yarn in between corrugated Steel tape & loose -tube.
This cable offers excellent protection from moisture. Comply to latest industry standards i.e IEC, ITU, ISO



The armored cables use ECCS armour, making the cables excellent for the burial application; Reduces time and cost of installation especially for long haul/backbone network applications; Meets international standards like IFC, CCITT, Bell Core

FinOptic-NZDSF is designed to operate across a window of wavelengths near 1550 nm with small amount of dispersion. Optimized for use in national long haul backbone networks

FinOptic-LBLF is designed for transmission systems over the entire range from 1260 to 1625 nm range. Optimized for use in metropolitian, local, and access networks due to low attenuation across the entire band and low PMD


Widely used by all telecom companies and some government organizations like BSNL, MTNL, railways, defence, and manufacturing units


Aerial – ADSS

All Dielectric Self Supporting Fiber Optic Cable Series are suitably designed for installation on poles in distribution and transmission environment where live wire installation is required

Aerial – Figure of 8

Designed for use in aerial applications as an alternative to lashing

Armoured Cables

Suitable for indoor duct or direct buried installations. The cable has a very high compressive strength and the armoring provides protection against rodents and other types of likely mechanical damage

FTTx Drop Cable

Designed for quick installation and serve as the last link in aerial and building applications

Simplex – Duplex

Designed for short run indoor applications. These cables are used in the manufacture of patch cords

FTTx – Flat Drop Cables

Offers ease of installation of standard loose tube cable in an easy access loose tube design. The dielectric element eliminates any grounding requirement

Micro Cables

Offers flexibility of upgrading a network that can quickly grow and change

Paramount Cables


Fiber-to-the Home (OFC) for HD quality video & streaming

Optical Fiber Cables

Wide range of OFC (single mode and Multi mode) including Armoured, Aerial, Un-armoured, All Dielectric Self-Supporting Optical Fiber Cables, and Optical Fiber Direct to Home Cables

Jelly Filled Cables

These cables can be laid in ducts or directly buried in trench

Aerial Telecom Cables

Aerial self-supported telecom distribution cables for connections between telephone exchanges and distribution points, especially in hilly and rough terrain

Turnkey solutions (EPC)

Contractors and turnkey supplier, doing planning and assistance in designing and building Local Area Networks, Private and Public Networks. In fiber cable laying and installations, we provide end-to-end soultions and maintenance of complete route

PGCIL (Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.)


Is the only utility with an overhead optic fiber network using optical ground wire on power transmission lines. Has an all India broadband telecom network of  41,988 kms. Offers  service providers low cost and high quality telecom infrastructure on its existing and planned transmission infrastructure. They can utilize the spare capacity of optical fibers available with Powergrid.


Radiaflex Radiating Cables

Functions as a distributed antenna to provide communications in tunnels, mines, and large building complexes and is the solution for any application in confined areas

Hybriflex Cables

Hybrid Cables are designed for Remote Radio Head applications


Optical Fiber Cables

2 to 288 fiber; Uni-tube and multitube

Jelly Filled Telecom Cables

2 to 2,400 pairs

Savitri Telecom Services

Armoured cables

Flame retardant; High performance; Multi strand; Perfectly braided; High durability; Energy-efficient

Single Mode OFC Cables

High-quality reliable SM OFC cable

Aerial OFC Cables

Excellent mechanical and environmental performance; Small cable diameter, self-supporting, easily to install;  Low dispersion and attenuation; Corrugated steel tape armored and polyethylene outer sheath providing crush resistance and gun shot resistance features

Multi Mode OFC Cables

50-micron fiber  a smaller core, which is the light-carrying portion of the fiber, both 62.5- and 50-micron cable

Jelly Filled Copper Cable

Excellent electrical conductivit; High strength

Sterlite Technologies

NeoX Softswitch

Neox FTTx solution


ADSS Cables

The Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) rod presents in the center of the core and the PBTB loose tubes, filled with water-resistant filling compound, containing primary coated fibers are stranded around the central strength member (FRP) into a compact and circular cable core

Armoured Cables/Direct Burial Cables

The corrugated steel tape armouring provides excellent strain performance and protects fibers from rodents and faulty damages

DUCT Cables with Ribbon Technology

The Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) rod presents in the center of the core and the PBTB loose tubes, filled with water-resistant filling compound, containing primary coated fibers encapsulated in ribbon shape, are stranded around the central strength member (FRP) into a compact and circular cable core. The outer jacket is made of Nylon-12 to protect the cable from rodent bites

UM Cables

Single Mode Optical Fiber Cables

Commonly used in fiber-optic communication for transmitting a single ray of light

Aerial Optical Fiber Cables

Water resistance – thixotropic jelly. Strength members – FRP, Aramid Yarn, glass fiber reinforcements, steel wire. Moisture barrier – water swellable tape, flooding jelly

Indoor Optical Fiber Cables

Sheath/jacket cCompound HDPE (anti-termite or normal), polyamide -12. Attenuation at 1310 nm (dB/km) <0.36 for G 652 fiber. Attenuation at 1550 nm (dB/km) <0.25 for G 652 fiber

Multimode Optical Fiber Cables

Attenuation at 1310 nm (dB/km) <0.36 for G 652 fiber. Attenuation at 1550 nm (dB/km) <0.25 for G 652 fiber. Temperature of operation −40 to +70°C

Jelly Filled Copper Cable

Core wrap polyester tape. Moisture Barrier Poly   Aluminium. Sheath/Jacket LDPE. Armoring galvanized steel tape

Uniflex Cables

OFC and Telephone Cables

Highly resistant to temperature, corrosion, and abrasion (single mode & multi mode)

Vindhya Telelinks

Indoor Drop Cable (1/2 F)

Low bending cable suitable for indoor aapplication

Hybrid (Optical & Fiber)

Suitable for underground armoured cable upto 24F, axle counting, & signaling

Willett Cables

Fiber Cables and Telecom Cables

Offers Drop Lite OFC, ADSS Cable, UTA Armoured Cable, Fig08 OFC, hybrid/composite fiber cable, telecom cable, FRP, and all communication cables

West Coast Optilinks (Formerly Sudarshan Telecom)

Duct Cables

High fiber density, multiple network applications (Uni-Tube & Multi Tube)

Indoor Outdoor

Available with upto 144 fiber, speeds fiber access and cleanup

Wire Armoured

Galvanised steel wire armoring

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