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NVIDIA open to partnership with Intel, says CEO

NVIDIA’s supply chain strives to be as diverse and decentralized as possible, and the company is open to working with Intel, according to Jensen Huang, CEO for the fabless vendor.

In response to escalating geopolitical concerns, Huang stated that his company is diversifying and expanding its supply network to accommodate its diverse customer base.

NVIDIA and TSMC have collaborated extensively on foundry strategy, Huang said. Additionally, NVIDIA works with Samsung and is open to future partnerships with Intel, Huang indicated.

“All of our supply chain is designed for maximum diversity and redundancy so that we can have resilience. Our company is very big and so we have a lot of customers depending on us. And so our supply chain resilience is very important to us. We manufacture in as many places as we can. Of course, we qualify TSMC and we have worked very deeply with TSMC for a very long time,” said Huang.

“We also manufacture with Samsung, and we’re open to manufacturing with Intel. Pat has said in the past that we’re evaluating their process and we’ve recently received the test chip results of their next generation process and results look good.”

In addition, Huang stated that the future is difficult to predict in response to the US’ prohibition on exporting advanced AI processors to China. China has the world’s best cloud services, digital financial payments, and other industries, and it also develops cutting-edge technologies such as electric self-driving vehicles.

Chinese businesses are vibrant, and the country’s AI industry is expanding swiftly, Huang indicated. The Chinese government will seize the opportunity to support local businesses, and international startups are also actively involved in the growth of the country’s AI industry. According to Huang, NVIDIA will just face more competition.

Huang made these remarks at Computex 2023, where he also discussed NVIDIA’s R&D history, applications, and ambition for AI. NVIDIA and its suppliers, such as TSMC, are capitalizing on the AI craze sparked by ChatGPT. DigiTimes

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