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NTT Communications working on robots to manage functions of data centre

NTT Communications is a representative Japanese company of ICT and DX. NTT Communications is developing robot to manage the function of data centre.

With many companies moving to DX, the number of data centres is increasing rapidly thus requiring more reliable management and efficient service delivery.

There are a number of subjects like continuous increasing capacity, increased maintenance cost and shortage of staff which needs to be looked after.

The developed robots could be brought into use for solving these issues.

Tusuke Imaeda from NTT Communications said that NTT provides data centres in more than 20 countries around the world, and the number of data centres continues to increase year by year.

“However, the cost of the data centre is very high, and most of it is labour cost. In this situation, relying too much on a human resources will prevent providing good data centre service. As the number of data centres continues to increase, robot is being introduced to improve efficiency to provide safe and secure service to customer,” Tusuke Imaeda said.

Face recognition technology has been installed in reception robot; pre-registered visitor information will be checked.

By programming the robot with a route facility, the robot will guide visitor to the destination.

The human being can check and inspect the data centre from a distance through the robot’s camera.

In the last few years, the function of robot has been diversified with the reception of office, attending for the customer, detecting of quality of product, safeguard, cleaning and so on.

NTT Communications allocate robot working to facility detecting, reception and attendance, observation. They are available as an alternative to human work.

Yusuke Imaeda further said that in the future, we are aiming to make it completely unmanned, but we think that robot technology today is difficult.

“For example, one out of six or ten operators manage and support a data center by operating a robot in a data center in London from Tokyo office. After that, as it gradually penetrates, we would like to proceed with the project in order to approach the ideal of complete unmanned movement in which robot can make an autonomous judgment,” Imaeda said.

“NTT Communications is developing the most effective and efficient management of data centre. It is the mission as a spearhead company of ICT and DX,” Imaeda added. ANI

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