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Non-Payment Of Salary In BSNL

“The salary for the month of February, 2019, is not yet paid. BSNL Management says, “We have no money”. To tackle the problem, BSNL needs to take bank loan. But, the DoT refuses to allow BSNL to take bank loans, for meeting operational expenses, ie., for payment of salary, etc. Compared to private companies, BSNL’s debt is very small. Then, why the DoT is not allowing BSNL to avail bank loans? why the BSNL employees are being made to suffer, without payment of salary? The game plan of the government is very clear! It is a conspiracy to create panic among employees, to force them to go on VRS. Already, media reports have said that, the BSNL Management and the DoT are seriously considering a VRS proposal, for BSNL employees. So, all conspiracies are being hatched, to force the employees to go on VRS in a large scale.

The government wants to reduce the strength of the employees drastically. If less number of employees are there, it will be easier for the government to sell BSNL to some corporates in future. Let us understand the game plan of the government. Let us unitedly fight to defeat the conspiracies of the government. “-V.A.N.Namboodiri, Founder General Secretary, BSNL Employees Union,―CT Bureau

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