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Nokia On 2020: Private Wireless Will Jump 35%, Boosted By CBRS And MulteFire

“The market is ripe as all sectors of the global economy are embracing digitalization and are beginning to tap into Industry 4.0 and automation. We are starting to see major technology shifts in areas such as ubiquitous connectivity, analytics, cloud and industrial IoT.

“Perhaps equally important is that we are seeing use cases that have proven their value in smaller proofs of concept and are now scaling into full deployments. This will fully digitalize and automate critical processes driving massive gains in business and industrial productivity. 2020 will see a significant acceleration of this trend.

“The private wireless market will accelerate at over 35 per cent in the year, boosted by the transition from trials to scale deployments as the value is proven and more spectrum becomes available including CBRS in the US. The private wireless industrial ecosystem will expand dramatically with the availability of MulteFire and initial 5G industrial devices.

“Initial proofs of concept will convert to full scaled deployments at an accelerating rate across the first adopter vertical segments. 2020 will be the year that multi-player partnerships (versus pairwise partnerships) emerge to drive value and outcomes to enterprise customers.

“Communications providers will launch and begin scaling their private wireless services with significant growth in cross-carrier global enterprise and IoT connectivity.

“The initial standalone 5G (SA) industrial trials will start and will help begin to validate 5G capabilities for industrial use cases, in preparation for the key vertical features that will be coming from Release 16 – including ultra-reliable low-latency comms (URLLC), and private 5G.

“Time will tell. But 2020 will be transformative for every industry and application, boosting productivity, efficiency and safety of operations and enabling new business opportunities.”―Enterprise IoT Insights

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