Next OnePlus Flagship Will Offer An Unprecedented Experience, Says CEO Pete Lau

With just weeks left for the expected launch of its new flagship, OnePlus CE0 Pete Lau said the new phone will offer an “unprecedented experience”. Speaking to in New Delhi a few weeks back, Lau said: “You will have an unprecedented experience, particularly on the smoothness front. I’m excited and I anticipate that when you get the product in hand you will feel this and you will be surprised.”

Lau was confident that users will find it “very hard to go back to other products afterwards”. With the new phones expected to be announced in mid-May, OnePlus is still cagey about the new flagship and its features. But Lau said the screen will be the biggest upgrade.

“We have made a number of changes and our new screen is something we’ve never even attempted before. The screen will be the biggest upgrade for the new product,” he said in a note sent to us after the interview. “Since we started OnePlus, our aim has been to deliver a truly fast and smooth experience to our users. This time around, the display will create a new benchmark in standards of smoothness,” he added.

Lau, the founder of OnePlus, said his company has grown over five years and the industry has changed, “so we need to address wider needs now”. “To provide consumers more choice and meet the needs of a broader audience, we have changed our launch strategy, but our commitment to premium products and experiences remains the same,” he said. This means there will be more than one device this time.

But Lau was not forthcoming on details on the device(s). “For those craving more advanced technology, there will be a revolutionary, edgier, more advanced, ultra-premium smartphone, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to never settle for anything less than the most advanced technology. And we will maintain our premium position,” he said.

OnePlus has over the past few quarters secured a strong footing in the premium segment in India with Counterpoint Market Monitor Service listing it as the best selling premium smartphone brand in Q4 2018, also capturing 36 per cent of the premium smartphone. For this past three quarters it has help the top position in the segment ahead of Samsung and Apple.―Indian Express

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