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Next decade is the age of digital business, ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ has vital role to play

SoftBank India Head Manoj Kohli looks very optimistic towards India’s digital market. Manoj Kohli says, “India is already one of the top 3 digital nations in the world with 750 million mobile internet users. In the next decade, digital businesses will grow rapidly and will fulfill the gap of physical infrastructure in India.”

Kohli says, “Digital businesses are doing so well in India as they offer affordability to the customers which is appreciated and hence transition from offline to online businesses is happening rapidly.” Coming to Indian Government policies for digital businesses he added, “The government policies for digital businesses are evolving well. Clearly digital businesses are an important part of Atmanirbhar Bharat mission.”

Taking referencing from “Leadership in Unprecedented Times” book written by Ritesh Wig and launched by himself Manoj Kohli, he said, “Ritesh states in this book that that digital businesses will do well in India especially as consumer behaviour has changed to on-line shopping in the last 8 months.” Significantly needs to mention here, COVID-19 pandemic hits the world in very terrifying way. Major Brands are in crisis now.

SoftBank India Head says, “Brands are not built in a day or fall in a day; it’s a constant endeavor of people who service consumers or products’ quality and availability at all times. In most challenging times like COVID-19, consumers demand the products’ availability at their doorstep due to lockdown. The companies that can fulfill those customers’ demands shall always appeal to them over others.”

“The brand is a passion and ownership of the company’s all stakeholders, be it a delivery boy or high-level vendor supplying raw material. Both levels know their role and job and how it will impact my consumer if he is not at his place. Hence, my advice to all focuses on building a brand and being with your CONSUMER always with passion,” Kohli added.

On post COVID-19 scenario, Kohli said, “India is on the cusp of exponential growth due to many policy reforms(AtamNirbhar Bharat), by the Government recently for COVID -19; India is a land of opportunity for global investors post COVID-19 scenario. India is on a resilience path with more conviction and the emergence of young leadership across the industry. My advice is to follow the Government advisory to curb the COVID-19 virus attack.”

He says, “Secondly, rebuild your skills wherever you feel there is a gap, as post COVID-19 changes the whole game of operations, basically more digitized and automated. Thirdly, focus on family health and heal the sentiments of parents, spouse, and children. Fourthly, develop your leadership skills and display a hunger for filling gaps by reading management books and applying the principles you read. Recently launched a book “Leadership in Unprecedented Times” talks about inclusive leadership and post COVID-19 recovery path.” Businessfortnight

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