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New superfast broadband provider to compete with BT, Sky

New superfast broadband provider to compete with BT, Sky, TalkTalk…and it’s already in your neighborhood.

Are you struggling with slow internet speed at home? Thankfully, a new internet provider intends to improve your download speeds… and it’s most likely already implemented in your neighborhood.

In town, there’s a new broadband provider… It’s also very likely that it’s already available on your street. For the first time, File Sanctuary, situated in Middlesbrough, is delivering full-fibre broadband. Speeds range from 67Mbps to 900Mbps, which is slightly slower than the average download speed of 71Mbps recorded earlier this year.

All of File Sanctuary’s bundles include unlimited downloads, so you won’t have to worry about being charged extra if you install a new operating system, stream Netflix every waking minute, or work from home.

The best part is that File Sanctuary is almost certainly already available in your neighborhood. Because the brand will rely on BT’s Openreach network, which already serves 84 percent of England’s homes, this is the case. File Sanctuary should be able to reach millions of users within days after its introduction. Other newcomers, such as Community Fibre, Zzoomm, G.Network, and CityFibre, have decided to create an alternative network to BT at a faster pace.

File Sanctuary, interestingly, will be available only in regions where Openreach has updated the cable infrastructure to gigabit-capable full-fibre. Gigabit speeds – 1,000Mbps download rates, or 14 times faster than the current UK average residential internet speed – are only achievable when your broadband provider, the network, and your home are connected via fibre-optic cables rather than copper phone lines. Full-fibre connections are also more dependable, as copper cables’ performance might be harmed by poor weather.

Openreach has now linked 4.6 million homes to its gigabit-capable full-fibre network, with a goal of reaching 25 million by December 2026. As a result, there’s no shortage of potential consumers for File Sanctuary, the new kid on the street.

The minimum term with File Sanctuary is 12 months, which is half of what you’d get with BT for the same speeds on the same network. That means you’ll have more time to look for better bargains or faster speeds.

Furthermore, File Sanctuary’s customer service is entirely situated in the United Kingdom, and its network fully supports both IPv4 and IPv6 internet addresses.

Community Fibre, which provides internet in many parts of London, has just lowered pricing on a variety of services. Brinkwire

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