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New ETSI specification for use of multiple applications simultaneously released

New specifications released by ETSI will enable multiple subscriptions and identities to exist in the same smartphone handset without needing several SIM cards to be within the device.

The mobile telecom industry has been facing an increasing demand for applications running on mobile devices like banking, payments, transport and identity for some time. These new specifications address this demand by adding the possibility to host and address several “virtual secure elements” into the same UICC. This allows multiple virtual secure elements to coexist logically separated, whilst having the ability to be addressed independently through the same physical interface.

Chair of the SET group at ETSI, Denis Praca says, “we’re so excited to release new versions of several UICC Release 17 specifications that can benefit so many users. This is a breakthrough for end-users who will easily be able to use multiple services and for service providers to deploy their applications on a single mobile device, with the benefit of the long term recognized security provided by the UICC”.

This should also remove the need for smartphones to contain more than one SIM card to host two different subscriptions on the same device. ETSI’s technologies, referenced by GSMA eSIM specifications allow users and device makers to efficiently manage multiple accounts securely.

ETSI’s Secure Element Technologies committee (TC SET, formerly known as TC SCP) develops and maintains specifications for the Secure Element (SE), e.g., the UICC or the SSP and its interfaces with the outside world for use in telecommunication systems including the Internet of Things (IoT) and other industry sectors.

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