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New Arm Total Compute Solutions enable a mobile future built on Arm

Mobile devices touch every aspect of our digital lives. In the palm of your hand is the ability to both create and consume increasingly immersive, AI-accelerated experiences that continue to drive the need for more compute. Arm is at the heart of many of these, bringing unlimited delight, productivity and success to more people than ever. Every year we build foundational platforms designed to meet these increasing compute demands, with a relentless focus on high performance and efficiency. Working closely with our broader ecosystem, we’re delivering the performance, efficiency and intelligence needed on every generation of consumer device to expand our digital lifestyles.

We are announcing Arm Total Compute Solutions 2023 (TCS23), which will be the platform for mobile computing, offering our best ever premium solution for smartphones. TCS23 delivers a complete package of the latest IP designed and optimized for specific workloads to work seamlessly together as a complete system. This includes a new world-class Arm Immortalis GPU based on our brand-new 5th Generation GPU architecture for ultimate visual experiences, a new cluster of Armv9 CPUs that continue our performance leadership for next-gen artificial intelligence (AI), and new enhancements to deliver more accessible software for the millions of Arm developers.

The best visual experiences run on Arm
Last year, we promised a supercharged visual experience with the all-new flagship Immortalis-G715 GPU. We are delivering on this promise in partnership with MediaTek through the TCS22-based Dimensity 9200, which is now powering benchmark-topping flagship smartphones from OPPO and vivo.

This year, we are excited to announce that our latest GPUs are built on the brand-new 5th Gen GPU architecture. Designed as the most efficient GPU architecture that Arm has ever created, the 5th Gen architecture redefines parts of the graphics pipeline to reduce memory bandwidth enabling the next generation of high geometry games and real-time 3D applications, while also bringing smoother gameplay and complex PC and console-like experiences to mobile. Deferred Vertex Shading (DVS) is a new graphics feature introduced in the 5th Gen GPU architecture that redefines the dataflow, which enables partners to scale for larger core counts and higher performance points. Already, we’re seeing the benefits of DVS across many popular games from Genshin Impact to Fortnite.

The new Immortalis-G720 is Arm’s most performant and efficient GPU ever, as we continue to push the boundaries of visual computing. It delivers 15 percent performance and efficiency improvements over the previous generation, as well as a 40 percent uplift in system-level efficiency, leading to higher quality graphics for more immersive visual experiences.

Alongside the Immortalis-G720, we add to our world-class portfolio of GPUs with the new Arm Mali-G720 and Mali-G620. Through these new Mali GPUs, we are committed to bringing premium graphics features to a wider market of consumer devices quicker.

CPU performance leadership for intelligent AI
As part of TCS23, we are demonstrating our ongoing commitment to CPU performance leadership. We are announcing a new Armv9 Cortex CPU compute cluster, which for the third consecutive year delivers double-digit performance gains alongside significant efficiency improvements.

A vital part of this high-performance cluster is the new Arm Cortex-X4, our fourth-generation Cortex-X core, which pushes the limit of performance on flagship smartphones. It is the fastest CPU that we have ever built, bringing 15 percent more performance compared to the Cortex-X3. Meanwhile, the new power efficient microarchitecture consumes 40 percent less power than Cortex-X3 on the same process. These performance and efficiency gains bring the on-device experiences, like UI responsiveness and application launch time, to the next level and enable next-gen AI and ML-based applications.

This CPU performance leadership extends to our new big and LITTLE cores – the Arm Cortex-A720 and Cortex-A520. Cortex-A720 is industry leading CPU IP that boosts sustained performance as the workhorse of the cluster. Meanwhile, Cortex-A520 is Arm’s most performant high-efficiency CPU core ever. Use cases like AAA gaming, all-day productivity and background tasks all benefit from the 20 percent power efficiency improvements of these new CPU designs over previous generations.

Key to delivering the highest performance and most efficient designs is tighter coupling on process nodes and compute capabilities. In this new generation of CPU designs, we are taking our long-standing partnership with TSMC a step further through taping out the Cortex-X4 on the TSMC N3E process – an industry first. This ensures that our ecosystem is ready to maximize the PPA benefits of our processor technologies once they are taped out.

Rounding off the 2023 CPU cluster is our new DynamIQ Shared Unit, DSU-120, which is designed for demanding multi-thread use cases and enables a broad range of devices from wearables to smartphones and laptops. Our new CPU cluster provides performance when you want it and efficiency when you need it.

Delivering the world’s software and security
Through TCS23, we are ensuring that the millions of mobile developers developing on Arm, for Arm, have the capabilities and tools to write easier, simpler, faster and more secure software.

During the past year, new intelligent experiences, like generative AI, have amazed the world, with AI processing capabilities doubling every two years on smartphones. Arm is leading the way in supporting developers to take advantage of AI and machine learning (ML) workloads by enabling our hardware with increased ML capabilities via our open-source software libraries. Arm NN and Arm Compute Library are being used by Google apps on Android with over 100 million active users already, enabling developers to optimize the execution of their ML workloads on Armv9 Cortex-A CPUs and Arm GPUs.

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