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Need to evolve robust cyber crime management infrastructure: FICCI-EY report

With increasing adoption of digital technologies across the country, authorities must expedite modernisation of law enforcement agencies at the Central and state levels besides building an integrated cybercrime management infrastructure, according to a new research report.

Several challenges need to be addressed immediately. Measures are needed to progress towards successful closure of burning problems like encryption of communications, extraction of cloud data, data retention laws and illegal transactions in dark web ecosystem, said the report titled ‘Innovation-led Cybercrime Management’.

At the individual, organisational and national level, it is fairly expected that all the records, documents and personal information will be available online in future. Thus the evidence for any criminal activity will be found online for conducting investigations and analysis.

The paradigm shift and challenges have the potential to hinder investigation of law enforcement agencies, impede criminal proceedings and inhibit cybercrime management, said the report published by industry body FICCI and global consulting major Ernst & Young (EY).

Hence participants from law enforcement agencies, academia and industry must collaborate to keep up with the pace of technological advancements, crime sophistications and coordination. There is also need to revisit current laws of the land like the IT Act and Indian Penal Code with respect to emerging use cases, crime and technology scenarios.

Besides, international and national entities should cooperate with each other. “The end objective is to elevate India in the space of cybercrime management by collaborating with other countries,” said the report.

Chairperson of FICCI Committee on Homeland Security, Rahul Chaudhry says the advent of initiatives such as Digital India and Smart City has brought about a radical shift in connectivity, services and threats in urban and rural areas.

While greater connectivity promises wider deliverables, it also paves the way for the emergence of new vulnerabilities. Several leading companies in energy, telecommunications, finance, transportation and other sectors are targeted by new-age cyber criminals and adversaries.

“In today’s times, traditional methods of cybersecurity are inadequate to combat cybercrimes. Hence, there is a need to devise mechanisms which are proactive in nature and help in identifying and preventing cybercrimes and cyber warfare,” he said in the report.

EY’s Partner and Leader for Advisory Services, Rahul Rishi, said cybercrime management ecosystem in India and globally, warrants a concerted effort. Due to the extent and pervasiveness of cyber security threats, today’s digital society is at risk.

“The breadth and scope of cybercrimes is rising exponentially, damaging the digital aspirations of several industries and sectors like healthcare, e-governance, retail, manufacturing, transport and financial services,” he said.

Law enforcement and government agencies must understand the evolution in cyber space and leverage emerging technological innovations to prepare for the future, said Rishi.―Business Standard

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