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MWC 2022: VMware telco cloud demos

At MWC Barcelona 2022, we are focused on empowering you to modernize your network, deploy cloud-native network functions, disaggregate the radio access network, tap the enterprise edge, discover network programmability, and monetize innovative 5G services.

Our telco cloud demos bring to life such things as cloud-native technology, private 5G, open RAN, and RAN intelligent controllers. As usual, it is all about doing it securely at scale, across multiple clouds, and powering everything with full-throttle automation.

Telco Cloud Modernization Demos
Our telco cloud modernization demos propel you forward by illustrating how to modernize your network. These demonstrations cover such top-of-mind topics as implementing virtualized and cloud-native network functions, scaling and securing cloud-native deployments, efficiently provisioning infrastructure, performing assurance for 5G services, automating 5G network services, and operating across multiple clouds.

Want to do your part to minimize energy use and reduce carbon emissions? Yes, there is even a demo for that. It explains how to improve sustainability with intelligent workload placement and migration.

Nokia on VMware: From rapid 5G core deployment to delivering performance
See how Nokia and VMware have partnered to deliver a 5G Core Network solution that can be deployed in a matter of minutes and with certified performance. For more information, see Nokia and VMware demonstrate Nokia’s 5G Core on VMware Telco Cloud Platform at MWC.

Scale and secure modern cloud-native deployments with advanced load balancing
Telco operators need to have a platform agnostic way of publishing CNF deployments in a scalable and secure way. VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer automatically exposes your CNF in any environment by providing an application services fabric with consistent automation. This combines a single Load Balancing fabric with multiple vendor CNFs along with advanced features including auto scale, security, and rich analytics.

Zero-Touch infrastructure
Customers who have a large number of environments to instantiate seek the deployment velocity needed to meet acceptable velocity and cost metrics. Zero Touch Infrastructure Provisioning is an automated process allowing environments to be bootstrapped to a level of configuration automatically from the point the hardware is physically installed, cabled, and powered, without human intervention.

5G mobile service assurance
VMware Telco Cloud Operations for Mobile Service Assurance can simplify your operations for the Core to RAN and provide rapid insights across RAN, Core and Transport domains with integrated fault and performance management, service management, root cause and impact analysis.

Multi-Cloud operations on amazon EKS
VMware Telco Cloud Automation is extending its multi-cloud capabilities to support Amazon EKS. This demonstration shows how to deploy and manage network multi-Cloud operations on functions consistently on Amazon EKS: it presents the creation of a Kubernetes Amazon EKS Cluster in Amazon EKS, its registration on Telco Cloud Automation, and the instantiation of two network functions.

Orchestrating 5G network services with VMware telco cloud automation
Are you harboring an interest in drones? VMware Telco Cloud Automation orchestrates network resources across multiple domains to deliver 5G services. This demonstration presents the design and instantiation of a 5G service used for industrial inspection by drones.

Deploy Cloud-Native network functions at scale with automation
Critical to 5G and Open RAN networks is deploying network functions at scale without manual interventions. VMware Telco Cloud Automation allows Service Providers to onboard network functions and instantiate them across any registered clouds. It furthermore streamlines that process by automatically customizing the underlying Kubernetes nodes and VM to support the network function requirements in a process called late binding.

Connectivity and security for modern telco applications
Service-based architecture 5G lets network functions communicate with each other over a service-based interface. This demo showcases how Tanzu Service Mesh furnishes advanced, end-to-end connectivity, security, and insights for modern telco applications, enabling compliance with Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and data protection and privacy regulations with VMware Telco Cloud Automation.

Accelerating sustainability with intelligent workload placement and migration
How can we ensure that our modern computing applications are supplied with the right resources at the right time? That is where the VMware Multi-Cloud Services Grid comes in — it provides context-aware resource allocation. In this demo, we focus on a sustainability use case of ensuring that an application meets its SLAs while minimizing the carbon emissions needed to get the job done. With Vapor IO.

Network programmability
Programming the network enables you to improve subscriber experiences and drive ARPU growth through optimization and real-time decisions.

VMware RAN Intelligent Controller, or VMware RIC, is an open platform that brings control and automation to the radio access network by hosting applications known as xApps and rApps. For CSPs, a RIC can reduce costs and drive monetization through various use cases, such as Massive MIMO optimization, positioning, and optimal performance.

There are two forms of the RIC:

  • The non-real-time RIC hosts rApps
  • The near-real-time RIC hosts xApps.

The RIC is part of O-RAN architecture defined by the O-RAN Alliance. The O-RAN architecture disaggregates the RAN and opens it up to multiple vendors. VMware is working with a broad set of ecosystem partners to drive innovation in the RAN.

Activating programmability for a Software-Defined RAN
Learn how the RAN Intelligent Controllers (RIC) from VMware activate programmability and innovation in existing and new RAN deployments and how CSPs can monetize network programmability by using VMware RIC.

Activating sustainable broadband
See how Cohere Technologies Spectrum Multiplier xApp, which is powered by the Near-Real Time RIC from VMware, doubles UE bandwidth in rural areas without changes in radio or handsets.

Democratizing 5G device location
See how Polte’s 5G Precise Positioning xApp, which is powered by the Near-Real Time RIC from VMware, provides precise and secured sub-meter 5G UE positioning while lowering cost and extending the battery life of the asset tracker.

Automated Open RAN optimization
See how the AirHop PCI rApp powered by the Non-Real Time RIC from VMware efficiently detects PCI collisions and confusion during three of the most critical scenarios experienced by operators, and how it automatically issues immediate resolution commands to drive optimal performance for the RAN.

Transforming any RAN into a Multi-Services hub
See how VMware Non-Real Time RIC has integrated Cellwize technology to remove programmability limitations in purpose-built RAN deployments, unlocking modernization and monetization of any RAN by transforming it into a multi-service hub.

Multi-tenancy with NSX EVPN
Showcasing NSX EVPN and SmartNIC to support 5G network slicing, helping service providers transform sliced networks into a set of logical networks on top of a shared infrastructure. Powered by VMware Telco Cloud Automation, VMware NSX Edge VRF multi-tenancy, and EVPN, each logical network is designed to fulfill a defined purpose and includes all the network resources needed, configured, and connected end-to-end.

Built for partners: Accelerate development of O-RAN apps using a RIC SDK
Jumpstart O-RAN apps development using a set of resources, tools, and services. Discover how VMware’s app partners are using SDKs to accelerate their app development.

Lockstep with 5G network slicing assurance
A network slice can span across the network end-to-end, crossing the RAN, transport, and core domains. VMware Telco Cloud Operations powered by a RCA engine furnishes the ability to visualize, monitor, and assure the services across all these domains, isolates network degradations, and proactively pinpoints the root cause to find and resolve issues quickly.

Telco cloud 5G MUP demonstration
Arrcus ACE platform is now interoperable with VMware Telco Cloud Platform, enabling customers to dynamically direct network traffic to the compute environment that best meets workload requirements. This joint integrated platform based on this virtualized architecture provides communications service providers and enterprises flexibility and operational agility as they deploy a variety of workloads across multiple clouds.

Building the network of the possible with network slicing for VMware telco cloud automation
5G Network Slicing enables Service Providers to create on-demand, isolated, end-to-end logical networks running on a shared and common infrastructure. These programmable overlay networks are associated with specific business purposes and follow a set of predefined SLAs with Quality-of-Service (QoS) indicators and security requirements. See how VMware’s 5G Network Slicing offers Service Providers a quick and easy way for end-to-end network slice creation, management, and operation from the Core to RAN.

Cloud networking with multicloud NSX-T Antrea
This demonstration showcases container networking as part of the overall VMware telecom solution. With Project Antrea now integrated into NSX-T, can be leveraged to provide a single management plane to manage multiple Kubernetes clusters, both public and private. This demo showcases how complex network policies can be applied across Kubernetes clusters easily and shows how NSX can provide a central management plane for visibility and troubleshooting application. We can use Antrea to establish and secure connectivity across clouds.

Enterprise edge and private 5G
Enterprise customers are actively exploring the edge. Many enterprises are seeking solutions to develop modern applications for the edge. Private 5G lays the foundation to push out into the edge.

Enterprise private mobile network: VMware edge compute stack for private 5G
VMware Edge Compute Stack hosts ASOCS and Druid network components while providing secure, robust 5G connectivity at the Enterprise Edge alongside other edge-native applications.

Partner demos
Dell Technologies Validated Design for 5G Core with Oracle Communications and VMware
The Dell Technologies Validated Design for 5G Core with Oracle Communications and VMware is designed to help communication service providers quickly deploy 5G services. The validated design features a 5G core platform, container management and orchestration platform, and telco-grade infrastructure in a fully validated design. This demo is hosted at Dell’s booth. (Dell’s booth is located at Hall 3 Stand 3M30.)

Zero-Touch provisioning of altiostar Open vRAN
Deploying a complete Open vRAN network is a daunting task. These efforts can be greatly reduced by combining automation capabilities of Altiostar EMS and VMware Telco Cloud Platform RAN over the Intel FlexRAN architecture.

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