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Musk accused of lying to customers, running ‘anti-5G’ narrative

Elon Musk has been accused of running an anti-5G narrative in the US that is harmful to millions of consumers who are seeking better connectivity options and innovation.

Non-profit ‘5G for 12 GHz Coalition’ has accused SpaceX of lying to customers about how expanding certain airwaves for 5G could disrupt its affordable Starlink satellite internet service, thus conducting “a public misinformation campaign” against 5G.

According to non-profit ‘5G for 12 GHz Coalition’, SpaceX submitted a “manipulated filing” in the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), to prove the expanded 5G usage would lead to substantial interference, while there is no risk of harmful interference alongside 5G.

“This tactic, which is commonly used by Musk, is not only disingenuous, but it promulgates an anti-5G narrative that is harmful to American consumers who deserve greater competition, connectivity options and innovation,” the coalition stressed.

The dispute is over a band of radio frequencies known as the 12GHz spectrum for 5G.

Since the FCC initiated the 12 GHz proceeding 18 months ago, the coalition has worked with top experts, “to submit robust, data-driven technical analyses into the record”.

“These studies demonstrate not only that coexistence is feasible in the band, but the substantial societal, economic and geopolitical benefits of unleashing more critical mid-band spectrum for two-way terrestrial services,” the coalition said in a statement late on Thursday.

After failing to submit any expert technical input during the public comment and reply comment periods in the proceeding, “Starlink has only now submitted a self-produced political document in the guise of a technical analysis”, it argued.

This “study”, which was not produced by an independent expert, is both scientifically and logically flawed, the coalition further said.

Starlink has publicly stated that its service will serve a limited number of customers in high-density areas and is really targeted for sparsely populated regions.

“In addition to this manipulated filing, Starlink has initiated a public misinformation campaign by falsely telling customers and the public that coexistence is not possible in the band among Starlink and 5G services — despite nationwide data proving otherwise,” said the coalition.

“It also stands to threaten America’s global leadership in the 5G and technology sector as other countries outpace the nation in delivering next-generation services”.

The coalition has 35 public interest groups, trade associations and telecom companies, which are calling on the US FCC to act swiftly to allow the 12GHz band to unlock the power of 5G. Daijiworld

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