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Microsoft corporate vice president Sam George retires

Microsoft corporate vice president Sam George has announced his retirement after 25 years of service with the tech giant.

“After 25 years, I’m retiring from Microsoft. Microsoft has been a wonderful company to work for and I’m so confident that its best days are ahead. Satya and the leadership team are phenomenal. My decision to retire is an uncomplicated one: I’ve achieved everything I set out to do and have enough to enjoy a simple life now. To me, understanding what is enough is important for avoiding the “never-enough trap”. My father told me something years ago that shaped this understanding: a group of people with access to a mountain of food will take what they need until they are full – but a group of people with access to a mountain of money will never stop taking,” Sam George said in a LinkedIn post.

He further said he would work towards contributing to solving climate change post his retirement.

“In the final analysis, with time as a fixed resource, I’m choosing a simple life and feel profound gratitude that my time at Microsoft has afforded me this opportunity. I’m going to spend time with my family and friends, my bicycle, my woodworking tools, my books, and at some point later when it is time to innovate again, I plan on finding a way of contributing to solving climate change,” he said.

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