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Microsoft and Writesonic partner to drive GenAI innovations for enterprises

Writesonic, a Y-Combinator-backed generative AI platform for content creation and SEO has partnered with Microsoft to advance AI-driven business solutions. The company will integrate Microsoft Azure’s cloud infrastructure to deepen its presence in mid-market and enterprise sectors, promising security and innovation in GenAI solutions.

“WriteSonic is the perfect example of supporting startups at a very early stage as part of our startup program. This support is not just in terms of revenue and collaborations. We want startups like WriteSonics to hit over $1 billion ARR because that is a celebratory moment for us. By collaborating with disruptive solutions like them, our technology becomes better because we keep getting feedback from tech practitioners and tech leaders,” Sangeeta Bavi, executive director of Digital Natives, Microsoft India, told businessline.

“The space where Writesonic operates is where most of the Microsoft investments are coming in – from a tech perspective. We are going big in the space of building data centers that are purpose-built for AI-specific workloads, chipsets, or AI accelerators. Essentially, this is the reason behind the collaboration,” she continues.

Bavi also mentioned that as Writesonic scales to sell to mid- and upper-mid-markets, Microsoft’s independent software vendors (ISVs) and go-to-market (GTMs) kick in. Microsoft then offers support by enabling companies like Writesonic to sell their businesses through its marketplace in India and globally.

The company claims its user base exceeds 10 million and over 30,000 paying customers. It includes some of the Big Four consulting companies and major players like UN Women, Vodafone, and Next UK. The company’s integration with Microsoft Azure offers businesses access to Writesonic’s AI-powered solutions with global scalability, advanced security, and regulatory compliance, empowering enterprises to maximize GenAI’s potential while ensuring data privacy and reliability.

AI-driven business solutions
“This collaboration represents a significant milestone for us,” said Samanyou Garg, Founder and CEO of Writesonic. “By integrating our AI-powered solutions with Microsoft Azure, we aim to help enterprises harness GenAI for real-world use cases like marketing, customer support, employee experience, and conversational commerce. We want to help businesses increase their productivity by up to 70 percent. Together, we will drive innovation in AI-driven business solutions, enabling organizations to unlock new levels of efficiency and engagement. We project a 50 percent increase in our enterprise customer base within the next 12 months as we help businesses worldwide leverage the power of AI to stay ahead in the digital era,” he said.

“Our focus is North America, Europe, and India, along with some APAC countries. More than 90 percent of our team is based in India – marketing and developing our core technology and AI models happens here,” added Garg.

He said that with GenAI integration, the marketing industry is witnessing emerging roles like marketing engineers — leveraging AI to complete time-consuming work by combining workflows and processes, and GTM engineers— scraping data for a better understanding of the firm’s target group and delivering hyper-personalized content or messages.

The CEO also mentioned that for marketing-related processes, around 80 per cent of automation had been incorporated. “Similarly, 70 percent of customer support and engagement use cases are automated, but this also depends on the individuals in the company because some are hesitant to pick up AI. The solution also has a 24/7 ability,” he said.

Writesonic’s offerings will be available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, providing businesses access to AI-driven solutions. Integration with Microsoft products like Microsoft 365 will also enable businesses to incorporate Writesonic’s AI content marketing and SEO capabilities into their workflows, boosting productivity and operational efficiency, they said.

Garg mentioned that every company across industries wants to enhance its marketing, which is why advertising organizations and startups can leverage this AI solution. According to him, AI agents like Botsonic, which transforms data into self-guided AI Agents, focus more on the healthcare and BFSI sectors, especially healthcare, where customer service engagement is a big aspect. E-commerce is another big prospect.

Utilizing Azure AI, including Azure OpenAI Service, Writesonic said it aims to deliver cutting-edge AI models. For instance, Writesonic’s AI Article Writer platform supposedly generates SEO-optimized articles within minutes, with real-time data and competitor analysis, facilitating higher rankings on Google search results. The Hindu BusinessLine

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