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Metaverse use cases are emerging and some even make sense

Metaverse use cases that make sense have been hidden in the fog of hype but some are now emerging that could work.

The metaverse that is now the main focus of the company that used to be Facebook is a vision that is cloudy, flawed and years and years in the future. The whole ‘rebranding, let’s move on and let the legacy part of the business deal with the class action lawsuits’ is pretty typical of a company that refuses to take any responsibility for its actions and inactions.

Metaverse use cases that are based in the business/real world are beginning to make some sort of sense. For instance, Boeing deciding to design planes in a metaverse makes sense from an evolutionary point of view. After all, Boeing is historically one of the biggest users of VR and AR in their design shops.

Critics, however, are less than enthusiastic, saying that the announcement is more about PR that a concrete plan. And that the company needs to distance itself, once and for all, from the 737 Max disasters. If it doesn’t, it will take more than a transition in a metaverse to save it.

Metaverse use cases now make sense to big, very big, business. Brands such as Nike, BMW and NVIDIA are investing large amounts of money. Products are being designed for a digital, metaverse type world.

It is, we are told by Meta and others, the future.

But while some metaverse use cases might make sense, there will be the Dark Side of the metaverses. As our world becomes more digital, so too do our foes.

And more sophisticated and dangerous by the day, even by the hour.

Security aside, many VR names are issuing warnings about metaverse use cases that are, like the Meta one, aimed at consumers, particularly young people. The potential for hacking, identity theft, doxxing and who knows what is too compelling for the bad guys not to take full advantage. It could, warn these experts, be worse than social media.

Many of the gaming type use cases will require proper 5G type connectivity and many, many people still only dream of something close to a 4G experience, let alone one that will support an immersive gaming style scenario.

The digital divide will only get worse with metaverse type experiences around consumer applications.

Metaverse use cases in individual, private settings – such as the Boeing one – make much more sense. But even those have a long way to go before being ‘just the way we do business.’ Disruptive.Asia

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